Saturday, 28 September 2013

Halloween is everyday...

Soo I ordered some leggings a few weeks ago now and have been practically sprinting to the door every time I've heard the post come through the letter box! I absolutely love getting clothes in the post and love opening it up and trying it on asap! I'm like a kid on Christmas day! 
 When I told people about these leggings, the questions I got asked were 'Ohh are you buying them for Halloween' or 'Are they your fancy dress outfit this year' Haha I just laugh it off and casually explain, nope I dress like this everyday and just this time of the year as clothes get released that i absolutely adore! I feel like I'm in a Tim Burton film wearing these, in Love much!
WOW! I know right, they came with little suspender clips to attach the top of the leggings, to clip the leg part to, which I think makes them easier to get on and off, the only thing I found is that the leggings sometimes fall off when I'm sat down but that's not much of an inconvenience. 
They are a silky thick material, but not at all see through, which is great because I always struggle to find tops to match leggings like this! 
Tshirt: Topshop Halloween range last year, Leggings: My Mum found them me off of a random little website and they are Black Milk replicas! Uhmazing because as much as I would love to be able to afford Black Milk all the time, I sadly can't even though it's one of my fave clothing companies :( wah!
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell spike Lita, from Office shoes.
Earcuff: Republics closing down sale, bargain jewellery for £1, did somebody say!?
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& thank you for all of the support and positive comments about my blog and recent photo shoot, it's nice to know people are reading this and following what i'm doing <3
Amelia (Trend Of Days)

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