Monday, 23 September 2013

The tartan scarf.

Hii, I recently added this post to my Instagram account @trendofdays, so thought I would share it on here too! I was getting ready for work the other day when I noticed the weather was so mixed, one minute its raining and cold and the next it's boiling hot and I wish i'd put on my cheeky sunglasses!
 Anyways I decided to compromise and wear a long sleeve midi dress but have my legs out (I am freakishly pale) I know! I'm usually so against getting my pale legs out but recently i'm liking the fact that my skin is so fair, i'm thinking Wednesday Addams meets pale and interesting? Haha!
 This dress is so easy to wear! I can just throw it on when i'm feeling lazy or i'm in a rush (which i always seem to be lately) not that i'm complaining though I love having things to do.
 The scarf is my new favourite item, along with this hat I will be taking them both through Autumn/Winter 13 with me, as key pieces. They can liven up the most basic of outfits (as seen below). The shoes I have on are one of my favourite pairs, they are my Jeffrey Campbell red distressed Litas. I am a huge Jeffrey Campbell fan and have an ever building collection, I got these ones at such a bargain price of £32! This is because I was lucky enough to find them shop soiled, there were a few tiny scratches on the leather but I think it just adds character to the shoes and i'm sure I will do more damage in these shoes with how clumsy I am!
Midi dress AX Paris, Tartan scarf & Fedora hat are both from Primark, Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Office shoes.
Hope you are enjoying my blog so far, thank you for such positive feedback!
Amelia (Trend of days)

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