Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A casual Tuesday in Autumn.

It's Tuesday, I woke up this morning to the rain hammering on my window. I am going to town with my Mum, it's definitely a jeans, beanie and leather jacket day. You know when you wake up and you just think I need to throw on my favourite pair of jeans and just be casual and chilled? Yeah.. that.

I have no idea why this picture looks so sunny, it was miserable and raining all day on and off! This was the only part of the day where I could get a quick outfit shot without getting soaked :(.
A nice casual outfit that is suitable for any figure, any day of the week and is affordable and wearable.
My favourite Joni jeans from Topshop (they have been worn to death, I should probably get these in black) Note to self..
These jeans are an American Apparel copy at under half the price, so comfy and easy to style.
My boots, are canvas and rubber so they are perfect in slippy weather even though they have a heel, kinda comfy actually too which is always a bonus for me.
These are the Topshop Activist boots and cost me £55, I was desperate for them though!
The beanie is actually a replica of the original hat by Crookes and Castles. This one if you can see the writing properly says 'Cocaine & Caviare' on it and cost me a whole £7 off of the wonderful E-bay (mm Love E-bay).
My leather jacket has tassles on the back and is my favourite one, so easy to wear with anything, you can pick up nice jackets all over lately though. I constantly find myself lusting after a new one every week!
This cute vintage patterned shirt was a present off of my Mumma and I believe was £3! Bargain, for a real vintage piece. She chopped me the shoulder pads out because it made me look huge!
The fur collar was from H&M and was a best seller last year, I tried to get hold of one all over and ended up spotting this on E-bay (saves the day again) for £7.99! Yay.
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