Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but religiously follows the new...

I feel lost! I have simply not had the time to blog every night this week :( which I hate because it's my favourite thing to do.
 Here I am though.. *tumbleweed* 'helloooo anyone out there'?
I have a new obsession, surprisingly not to do with fashion.. wait wait.. I somehow have made it combine with fashion though. It's 'Twin Peaks', so I recently started watching the show from the beginning and I am hooked after only a few episodes. So crazy because I noticed, the fashion from the 90's in this show has completely come back to haunt us all... I don't mean haunt in a bad way because I absolutely love those old school trends. 
I just mean it's crazy how everything comes back around? I feel like St.Trinians meets Twin Peaks meets.. Yeah you get the point it's all 90's teen girls related fashion and I Love it!
So here are a few of my new outfit pieces, at budget prices can I add :).. Even better..

Fedora hat: Primark £8.99
Tartan peter pan collar dress: Primark £15.00
Khaki frill ankle socks: Primark £2.50
Coltrane Jeffrey Campbell style boots: River Island £45.00
I saw this dress in a red colour on another fashion blogger at LFW (sorry I don't remember who but it looked lovely and really expensive) Imagine my jump for joy when I walked into Primark and saw this beauty! I couldn't believe it. Okay I might look a teeny bit like a school child/toddler but who cares ;).
Sorry about the quality of this photo, I'm buying a new camera soon so they will improve! 
I was feeling mega lazy and was still ill this day so excuse my pale face and messy hair haha!
I'm so into tartan this season, you can't escape it in any of the high street shops! But fear not there is a way to make your look individual, vintage pieces that are actually from the 90's era! Team a original vintage kilt/skirt with a chunky vintage cardigan or jumper and you have a perfect lazy autumn days outfit :).
Soo I would google some pictures of 'Twin Peaks' to show you the resemblance but I totally do not want to stumble across any spoilers!
You get the picture though, right?
Cardigan: Vintage, found in a local charity shop for a whole £4.00!
Tartan skirt: Again found in a charity shop on a different day and cost me £4.00, okay when I say me my mumma bought it for me :)!
Ankle socks and shoes: As stated above.

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