Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fright Night.

Every year, on the Sunday before Halloween Sheffield City Centre hosts 'Fright Night'. This is a famous event in the UK, people from different cities head over and dress up in crazy costumes! Yellow Bus Events runs the activities through out the centre which take place. 
(Find more about Yellow Bus Events and Fright Night 2013 here.) Below you will see the poster used to advertise the event, this gives you a spooky hint at what treats were to come..

Soo I took my camera, yes I actually remembered to take it with me! Even through the mad rush of doing my make-up and getting my dress and props ready. But unfortunately didn't get to take any pictures of anything other than me and my family because there were so many students and people wanting pictures taken with me!? Was crazy! So if any of you lovely people see this blog, come say hii :)!
This year I decided to go as Tim Burton's 'Emily' from The film The Corpse Bride.
I am a huge fan of his work and absolutely love that film (having waited until midnight to buy Black Milks Corpse Bride dress on the launch night.)
So yep huge fan, took me ages to find the make-up colours that I needed for her face! I wanted to do my neck but simply didn't have time as it was so complicated to draw the face! Haha.
Yes, this is an authentic 60's wedding dress! Haha, I wanted to cut it up but it was freezing so I just made a few alterations. The gloves are vintage and were bought from a charity shop (not for this just because I thought they were cute.)
I sprayed a blonde fairytale wig, to make her hair the deep blue shade that it is. 
If your really sneaky you can see the tip of my converse, comfort before fashion in this one scenario as I knew I would be doing loads of walking!
The event was awesome and I will definitely be using it as an excuse to get my entire family to dress up again! Uhhmaazing! 
Me and my family were also featured on our local papers website, where they show a slideshow of the costumes! Yay.
Keep an eye out for my next blog post and more updates on the event, head over to my Instagram @trendofdays for more sneak peaks!

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