Thursday, 10 October 2013

Halloween haul and a vintage treat.

Hii, As you might know from reading my last blog I've not been well for the past few days, soo i decided to take my sorry ass to the doctors. They then gave me tablets which have made me feel worse :( rubbish!
Less of the depressing talk! I took a double shot of my two outfits I wore Tuesday here. So I guess I am cheating a little? I mean I didn't wear this outfit today, but believe me you don't want me to blog about what I wore today.. unless Hello Kitty pjs and leopard print slippers, messy hair and no make-up are this seasons must have!? Nope... thought not! Sorry guys I'll have to stick to my original idea then. Feeling very un-glamorous today, to say the least!
Hopefully you'll like my actual outfit I'm going to blog about :), as you will know if you read my blog and follow me on Instagram I love vintage/thrift clothing. I like the idea of a piece of clothing being original and a one off, because occasionally its nice to have something a little different. Am I right?
Here is my new vintage Halloween cardigan. It's so cute isn't it?! I got this little number from Cow Vintage.
I got it from the Sheffield store and it was the only cardigan I saw that was like this, my friend actually found it at the back of a rail and I instantly fell in Love with it, £14.99 not bad huh!?
I was walking past the shop the other day and noticed they have re-stocked on some more Halloween inspired cardigans, slightly different but still spooky and adorable.
The prices vary but they all seem to be under the £20 mark, which is pretty cheap considering they are vintage pieces and chunky cardigans are super expensive in some stores!
Because I have been in the house a lot over the past few days and don't have many outfit pictures, I thought I would make it up to my readers by doing a mini haul of the Halloween goodies I have been buying recently...
1. The cute gold tooth necklace, I have countless necklaces and I tend to wear the same ones over, but I couldn't resist this. Creepily cute and reminds me of something out of the Saw films! Haha, was only £1 from Republics closing down sale.
2. Barry M orange gel nails nail polish, Okay so I recently had my acrylic nails taken off. Both to give my nails a break and my poor bank account!
So I thought I deserve a little treat, £3.99 from Boots. I think its such a nice Autumn shade even though its a fairly bright colour. Perfect to add a little touch to darker outfits and perfect for make your own pumpkin nail art ;) may give that a try too!
3. Crucifix gold Crafted earrings, from the Republic closing down sale again, £1 bargain.
You can never have too many statement earrings and these are right up my street :).
4. Skeleton hand hair clips, now these are sold separately on the site but are only £3.00 each! Such a bargain, so £6.00 for the pair, come on you need one for each side!
I got these from a fairly new store called Bury Me Pretty. They have adorable pieces on the website and I could have spent a fortune on there! I am so skint this month though, so I guess I'll have to wait for pay day! I absolutely Love the Pentagram choker and the beanies and the T shirts.. and well.. you get the point!
Why you so cute!? I saw these when I was shopping with my Mum, didn't buy them and then had to go back and get them because they are just so cute. Obviously I have bought these especially for Halloween and won't have them on display all year around... course not... haha ;).
So yeah these little cuties were from John Lewis and cost a whole £2.50 each what a bargain, not to mention the lady who served me wrapped them up so nicely for me.
I have been after the Yankee Candle limited edition Halloween candles for ages! I know a few of you lucky ladies found some discounted jar ones and that is what I was after. But full price they are so expensive :(. Luckily my Dad found me some of these little tea light candles from Boundary Mill for only £4.00! They are perfect for my little lanters and the bonus is they smell like Candy Corn! Yaaay.

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