Sunday, 13 October 2013

High waisted classics & Twiggy in mind...

You know what I Love at the moment!? High waisted trousers! Tell a lie I have always loved them, they're so flattering and compliment so many outfits. I was once a 'skinny' fit trouser/Jean type of girl but now I've branched out and I have started wearing the 'flare', 'cigarette', 'peg leg' style ones. Having really taken to fashion over the last few years and feeling comfortable in my own skin, I am learning to try anything and not care what others think, after all life's too short right?

I feel like I'm in an 80's New York film set wearing this and I Love it!
Unfortunatly these stunning classical vintage trousers are not mine :( but some lucky lady can buy them at the lovely boutique We Could Forever through ASOS Marketplace.
I have always been a huge fan of monochrome with a splash of colour, so the Jeffrey Campbell red distressed Litas (found at a number of stores) but specifically Solestruck cater for the everyday shoe fanatic.
Find this lovlely Fedora hat in Primark stores for only £8!
I have been asked countless times where this is from and people are astonished when I tell them.
The more I look at these trousers the more I fall in love.. So you should definitely fall into Autumn in style ladies :)
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  1. I'm such a stalker of your blog at the moment. This outfit is incredible! Love! xx


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