Monday, 21 October 2013

Kitty + Tartan = Perfect Outfit.

Okay, so I have two obsessions, I love cats and I love tartan.. What happens when you put them both together? Happy me!
Okay so every time I put these trousers/dance pants/leggings whatever they are!? A mixture of the three.. dance treggings? Who knows! Anyway back to the point, I get so many compliments and so many people have stopped me in the street asking where they are from! It's insane.
They are actually from River Island, but apparently sold out ridiculously fast? So I'm not sure if you can still get them.
I absolutely adore them, so comfy and they are like a stretchy dance/Lycra material? If that makes sense. They are surprisingly long, so I usually turn them up at the bottom, unless I'm wearing killer heels.
My Moschino belt must be my most worn accessory  it matches absolutely every outfit, it is such a good statement piece too, helps to break up any outfit.
I love these shoes too, I bought them when they were first released from Topshop and they are the Astrix canvas boots. I'd like to say they are comfy, but they rub my little toes and after a few hours absolutely kill :( no pain no gain right!? I still don't regret buying them because they match almost any outfit, I am just adamant on keeping them nice and white.
The shirt looks really creased here? It didn't look that bad when I was wearing it I promise! Haha.
I love cats, this shirt was a present from a friend and came from Hong Kong or Japan i'm not a 100% sure because she went to both places :). It is super cute and whenever I wear it somebody asks where it is from, I know that Romwe did a similar style one? I'm not sure if they still do though.
The shirt is really unusual too because it's a thin corduroy material, nice for the Autumn/Winter season in particular.
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