Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Moon child.

On Wednesdays we wear Black... Or in my case it's most days for me! If you follow me on Instagram, read my blog or Like my Facebook page. You will know by now I Love anything mystical, magical and related to witch craft.. So it's not suprise that I Love the Moon so much.
So when I was shopping the other day and I decided to go into Syd & Mallory's boutique, I saw such a cute little top, well to tell you the truth I saw lots of cute little tops but this one caught my eye more so than the rest...
How cute is this!? Such a nice little touch to the top. 
I had to have it when I saw it, it's a cropped style but not too short which is good. I have a rule, I will only wear cropped tops with high waisted bottoms. It's just a weird little phobia of mine! Haha. 
Soo, yeah it was only £20 too, such a little bargain for a hand made tee.
That's it I am not spending any more money.. Mum points out to me that River Island have a sale on, next thing you know I'm in the queue to the fitting room.. Then I'm queuing to buy a kimono and this uhmaazziinng PVC pleated skirt. 
No I definitely don't need it but for £10 you can't afford not to get it, or at least that's what I told myself!
I have been after a black PVC skirt for a while, never finding one that is both affordable and fits me right. So imagine my shock when I tried this one and it fit perfectly.
I think it's really unusual too, most of the PVC skirts at the moment are midi straight fit. 
I have the Topshop light pink PVC skirt already and don't want too many of the same style, so I opted for this style to be a little different.

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I'm off to peel this skirt off of my legs, and take a nice long bath!

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