Sunday, 20 October 2013

My must have Make-up items this year.

I have some exciting news... Dum dum dumm... I have decided to extend my blog from only writing about fashion and add beauty in there too :) seen as it is such a huge passion of mine.
I often get asked what make-up I use on a daily basis, usually on Instagram or Facebook so I'm going to show you all how I achieved this look:
Soo this is today's look, nice and Autumnal I think anyways, I always class red lipstick as an Autumn/Winter colour, even though I wear it all year around.
If you know me, you know I am a MAC Cosmetics girl, you might argue that the products are expensive but they are so worth it. The foundation/powder lasts ages and I use it practically everyday.
I know it may seem like I use so many products for one look, but well I do.. Haha! Oops, I just Love make-up...
Starting with the base, foundation and powder. Now I have tried so many different foundations and this is the only one that gives me the coverage I want and that lasts all day! The MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, with the matching powder foundation (for added coverage and less shine, but it's not essential, depends on your desired look.)
I am so pale, so just to add a little extra colour to my complexion, I use MAC natural mineral bronzer.
I used to put my foundation on with out a brush and it is so much easier and goes on so much better if you have the brush which matches your foundation brand.
I thought this was some huge rip off scheme for them to get more money out of you when I first was told, but it's not at all! It really works!
For Easter I was lucky enough to get an entire set of proffessional make-up brushes off of my Mumma :) which made me super happy! These ones are by Bobbi Brown, I'm not much help on the price because it was a gift but they are amazing!
'Don't let somebody who can't draw their eyebrows on, tell you shit about life'
Haha this quote makes me laugh so much, keep seeing it all over Instagram!
I use Illamasqua eyebrow cake in 'Thunder' (dark brown) and a sealing gel for the ends of my eyebrows, to make them thinner and more defined. I also bought the matching angle brush when buying this set.
Wahh I usually use MAC eye-liner but I am so poor this month until pay day :( that I have been using Collection 2000 fast stroke eye-liner, it is surprisingly amazing! The quality is really good, it's only about £3 too I think! Will definitely be investing in this again, nice little money saver there!
I use MAC mascara in Play lash (I think it's called) really good and makes them so long and full. 
I recently bought the four pack of eye shadow pallet, they come separate so you can pick the shades you want for the desired look you are wanting to achieve :) I picked natural brown/green tones so they will match any outfit.
Last but not least, my finishing touch is my Palmers Coco butter lip balm (absolutely amazing, works wonders and keeps your lips in amazing condition, especially during the colder months when they get chapped and sore) Best one iv'e used by far.
So I use that as a base, then I use MAC red (whichever matches the lipstick I'm using) lip liner and then I put on my fave colour MAC lipstick at the moment which is the Matte Rubywoo one.
BOOM! There you have it :) that's all the products I used to get this look, I know it might seem like it would take me ages, but I'm that used to applying it now it doesn't!
I hope you have liked this post as a little change, I will be adding more beauty based blogs in the future.. So keep an eye out!
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