Saturday, 5 October 2013

October challenge...

Argh! I've been so busy the last few days I haven't had time to blog :( which sucks! But here I am again, so if you read my last blog I set myself an October challenge, the whole Halloween idea.. I won't bore you with the details, read my last blog post and all will be revealed :)!
Soo, I've ordered so many new clothes at the moment it's untrue, I am so skint! Including orders from other countries (which every company I love seems to be from the States or Australia) So I get import duty fees too :( wahhh!!
I recently got this super cute sweater, Halloween themed of course! It is a Wildfox replica one, and is such a good copy it's untrue.
I love the fact that its so thin and light weight, perfect for layering as it gets colder, the ribcage is made out of sequins (which I'm usually not a fan of) but it compliments the sweater and makes it unique.
The socks are a bargain piece and cost me about £2.50 from Primark, I got them in cream too (yes I do actually occasionally wear other colours than Black haha.)
I get all the wear I can out of these shoes, I'm abit of a hermit and would rather stay in the house Fashion Blogging and focusing on career related things, than going out drinking, does that make me lame? Hmm.. whatever! Haha.
I can't get enough of this hat, my Fedora from Primark, that shops amazing for accessories this year!

Here is a close up of the outfit, I am in Love with it. I love the attention to detail on the sweater and how it looks so grunge and Gothic  It's a little shorter than a usual jumper so I teamed it with a plain black cami underneath so that I could wear it as a dress :) muhaha.
I recently had my acrylic nails off to give my fingers a break and my purse a break too! So I thought I would treat myself to a new colour, Halloween themed again I guess you could say Pumpkin Orange!? Haha.. this is Barry M Gel nail polish and cost me £3.99 from Boots.
I thought I would add a close up of this look, I get a lot of girls asking me on Instagram what make-up I use and I only really use two brands of Make-up and that's Illamasqua and MAC.
This entire look is, Illamasqua eyebrow cake in Thunder, MAC liquid liner, MAC Studio fix foundation and powder (I like a lot of coverage) and MAC lipstick in 'Up The Amp'.
The only benefit of running out of MAC cosmetics is that six empty plastic products that the company can recycle will get you a free lippy :) yay!
Some people think my Make-up is a little OTT but I love big and bold looks.
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Amelia (Trend Of Days)

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