Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A competition which involves styling/Halloween/Blackmilk and Lookbook! Yep, I'm all ears. I recently purchased a dress from Blackmilk Clothing that I am too in Love with, if you read my last blog post or follow me on Instagram you will know that I went as Emily aka Corpse Bride for Halloween's Fright Night. I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton and Halloween, (Fan girling big time!)
So I put on my thinking cap and decided I would enter the competition with this:

You can buy the dress here. (NOM NOM NOM) I know I'm going to buy the leggings too, oops.
Bare in mind, I am not trained in applying make-up so the face is a little messy compared to what I would have liked it to be. I just loved the idea of becoming her? If that makes sense, actually trying to capture her face through the use of make-up.
I wanted to do the neck too but the face is so time consuming, plus I wanted to take these pictures at night so it looked creepy.
Wig: Fairytale blonde wig sprayed with a blue hairspray, at different angles to get different tones.
Make-up: Cream in blue, white, black, shaded areas were done in MAC blue eyeshadow and using MACS black liquid eyeliner.
I hope you like this outfit, please vote for me and 'hype' my look on Lookbook (linked below)
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