Monday, 7 October 2013

Walk like an Egyptian...

Sleeeeeepyyyy, I am so tired today I don't know whats wrong with me, I think its the weather being so dark on my way to work and on my way home, I love Monday nights though because i'm off Tuesdays :) for business/fashion related purposes, which I wish I could do everyday :( boo.
Fashion blogging is my favourite thing ever and I hope you are all enjoying my blog, I'm still fairly new to Blogger and would be grateful if you could leave comments, follow and share my blog posts :)!
Anyways back to the point! I bought an uhmaaziing pair of leggings a few months ago, from Ark clothing by a company called 'Freak Of Nature'.

I instantly fell in love with the pattern on the leggings, I have always been really into Egyptian Hieroglyphics and the colour is just amazing, which is a huge bonus. Guaranteed to  make you stand out from the crowd, because they are so unique and eye catching. Topshop. Ark and ASOS all stock 'Freak Of Nature' clothing, but you should check out her entire range as there are different items on each website and believe me you don't want to miss out on the collections. 
I like styling these leggings in different ways, I rolled the bottoms up, just to add my own twist to them. I was shopping the other week and found this amazing sweater which I knew would go perfect with these leggings, so I HAD to buy it, yes HAD to ;) I must stress that. It was the last one too which made it even more appealing to me, it's from H&M and was only £12.99! Bargain, I love these fine knit sweaters they're so comfy and easy to wear.
I am usually head to toe in dark colours, but I love these leggings and this jumper.
Its nice to add a little colour now and then ;).
Here is a close up of the sweater, I love the pattern on it its so different and the item itself hangs lovely, looks great with leggings because its longer at the back to cover your bum!!
Excuse my messy hair, It has a mind of its own. The lipstick I have on is a new MAC one and is called 'She's so fabulous' I think? It's a really deep purple shade and is matte, so lasts hours :), goes perfect with my beaut leggings!
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