Sunday, 6 October 2013

We are the weirdos mister...

Hii, I'm getting so excited for Halloween I went for a drive out with my parents today and the weather was so warm I thought I would test drive my new dress :). If you follow me on Instagram you will know by now that I Love cats! I have 4 little furry babies of my own.
Soo when I saw this dress online I needed it in my life, luckily for me I know the designer of this fashion brand and she saved me one of these beauties. Now the dress I have on I bought in the pop up shop for the store (based in Sheffield for two weeks I think) so I got mine discounted, wahoo!
The dress is by a Sheffield based company called 'Alice Takes A Trip' they do have an online website and you should check it out, if you like alternative and quirky clothing then you will Love them. Obviously when I went in to the pop up shop I couldn't help myself and ended up buying two bags as well.. eek! 
I have bought from this brand ever since they started as an independent store in a small unit, I was also lucky enough to get to do a catwalk for them a few years ago.
So you should definitely check them out.
You might be thinking, how the hell did she spend a day wearing those heels? I didn't haha sneeky footwear change for this photograph today, although I am usually good at wearing heels, I'm on my feet that much that in my spare time and when i'm busy you'll probably see me rockin' my coltrane boots or converse.
You might recognise the name of this blog post.. yep your right it's from the 1996 film 'The Craft', one of my all time favourites! I've always been really into witch craft and the idea of it. My outfit reminds me of theirs in the film, who knows maybe I could be 'the fourth member' haha (inside joke if you've seen the film, if not i'm not crazy!) 
I recently bought myself a new MAC lip liner, because I have been using such dark lipsticks at the moment, it's never a good look when your lipstick starts growing around your mouth believe me! Haha.. awkward. As stated in my last blog post, my make-up is by MAC and Illamasqua.
The lipstick is 'Cyber' by MAC which is my all time favourite colour so far.
I do take this hat off...sometimes...maybe...if I have to... I just love it!
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