Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chilly days ahead.

I haven't blogged in days :( hope you haven't forgotten about me guys!? I've gotten a new job so been pretty busy sorting my uniform and hours and working! But I'm back now, the weather has been so rubbish for taking pictures :( really rainy and dark. Worst weather ever for us bloggers :(.
Soo, I got a quick snap of a cute outfit I chucked on the other day to wear for a lunch date with my Mumma!

Cute new bargain skirt I picked up, I have been looking at these for ages! Found this one for under £10, Happy days! I have been dying to wear these knee high socks for ages, but I like wearing them with tights, so when we got a day that was a little colder (but fine) I cracked them out! Got some funny looks, but you know me couldn't care less! Haha.
The weather was so windy you can see my hair wouldn't behave! Good job I had my trusty cute Russian hat from last xmas, one of the only reasons I love the cold! 
Hopefully I'll get some more pictures taken on some more fine days (fingers crossed!)
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Hat: Christmas present last year.
Leather biker jacket: Crafted @ Republic.
Jumper: Wildfox replica.
Velvet skater skirt: Primark.
Skeleton socks: Primark.
Boots: River Island.

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