Saturday, 9 November 2013

Classical skirts.

Soo I'm sat here munching away on a Big Mac, extra sides and sippin my huge Coke from Mcdonalds.. I have a photo shoot tomorrow... Hopefully a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips.. is all lies?! Haha! Oops :(
 Hopefully I can squeeze myself into some cute vintage pieces still! Eek.
Soo I've noticed lately that tartan is everywhere!? I have always loved the print, but there's nothing like an original vintage kilt/skirt. I find myself falling more and more in Love with vintage items of clothing everyday... It's become much more than liking to wear them, it's a huge passion of mine.
 But yes, tartan skirts.. I adore them. 
By far my favourite fit of tartan skirt, is the A line style. Like the one above, I think it's so feminine and flattering. I feel like Audrey off of Twin Peaks wearing this (I LOVE Twin Peaks!)
Super cute teamed with flat grunge style boots or even dressed up with some chunky heels like above.
This is more of a kilt skirt, with the original fastening of the skirt being wrap over with a cute vintage button.
I love the contrast of the brights and darks in this picture, love a bit of colour clashing every now and then, to spice up an outfit. Especially on gloomy Autumn days!

Top photo:
Hats: Primark & Topshop.
Vest: Primark.
Shoes: UNIF.

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  1. I am really great after seeing this.

  2. Unexpected pairing with the shoes -- I think I like it!

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