Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pop Art.

I have a little collection of two pieces/coords coming along nicely! I forgot to upload this cutie when I bought it in the sale for just £18 for the set reduced from £34! Ohh yeah, I was going to buy it at full price too but convinced myself not to (I must have been feeling really good that day, or very poor!)
 I'm not usually one for wearing much colour, so I have been playing around with my wardrobe and attempting to alternate between the obsession I have for black. 

PALE ALERT! Haha, I like to think of it as pale and interesting, so my Mums always said. I love faux fur coats, they seem to match anything. Today was particularly cold, so it came in handy. 
I love the clash of colours between the twin set and the leopard print creepers.
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.
Necklace: c/o Cheap Frills.
Two piece: Topshop.
Ankle socks: Topshop.
Shoes: Office.

p.s I am hoping to be attending the clothes show this year, so keep your eyes peeled and come say Hi.
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Thank you to the lovely Jodie Blackburn Photography.

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  1. wow! I love your dress, it's so gorgeous ♥
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