Saturday, 28 December 2013

All black everything.

Wow! I have been so busy over Christmas. Hope you all had a great day :)!
I got some amazing presents, which I will be blogging hopefully very soon. I braved Meadowhall today (shopping centre) and it was soo busy! I got so many good buys though with my Christmas money! I will be putting a haul up shortly, on my best finds of the sale!
Keep posted ;)

I was having a super lazy day today, so it was definitely a pretty casual day for me. I am such a sucker for wearing black, it is the easiest colour (shade duhh) to wear..

* Sorry about the quality of the photos, my camera has been playing up*
I will hopefully be getting a new one pretty soon!
The light in my house is terrible today too, so dark.

I am a sucker for high waisted jeans, so when I found these in my wardrobe (with the tags still on) oops, I decided to rip the knees to make them a little different. Love a good statement piece, the great thing about these is that they match everything!
I would recommend anybody having a pair of comfy black jeans in their wardrobes.
I decided to team these bad boys with my new chunky chelsea boots (sale bargain number one) I have been after a pair like this for forever, they are actually kinda comfy too which is a bonus!
I chucked in a little white (cardigan and bag) to add a little contrast to the outfit, come on I mean I like black but I didn't want to look too gothic... what with my nose ring, lip bar and... oh yeah whatever!
Who am I kidding, I'll forever be a grunge girl.
(A few people have asked about my make-up on my posts lately, especially on Instagram (@trendofdays) Here is a close up of todays look, my entire face is MAC cosmetics, except my eyebrows which are Illamasqua eyebrow cake in shade Thunder.
I am such a MAC girl it's untrue, I swear by it.

Lipstick: MAC shade Myth.
Necklace: Topshop.
Cardigan: Primark.
Bodysuit: Topshop.
Jeans: Topshop.
Boots: River Island (current sale piece)
Bag: River Island (I bought the matching faux fur collar today, yumm sale bargains)

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