Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nylon in Winter..

Perhaps he does belong with her. Little miss living, with her rosy cheeks and beating heart...

Name the film? Corpse Bride of course! If you follow my blog, you should know by now that I Love Tim Burton films. In October I blogged my Corpse Bride dress when I dressed up for Halloween.
So I sat and stopped myself buying these for so long, then I was just like okay they're going to sell out soon you need to buy them...
So this happened:

I couldn't help myself, I pretty much wear what I want all year around anyway! So I might as well crack these out in December. Excuse the hair, it was so windy today in the UK! I'm talking trains not running, houses falling down and even the local Subways windows coming through!?
Urgh, please let the weather be okay for Clothes Show! (I forgot to mention I'm heading there on Sunday, so let me know if you guys are going too!)
I broke all the rules today, I wore a pretty short top with leggings! Urgh, hate doing it but when you wear a super long top with these sort of leggings, it pretty much covers the entire design up!
The bonus: When digging for the shirt I have on I came across these boots I forgot I bought last year!
Wahoo, I'm still lusting after a new pair for Sunday though! Oops.
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Hope your liking my blogs revamp, I spent hours re-designing it today!

Lipstick: MAC Rebel.
Scarf: Primark.
Shirt: Topshop.
Jumper: Ark clothing.
Shoes: OFFICE.

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  1. You look really great!!!! love your blog so much, you have such a great personal style! Now following for sure! xx


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