Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January blues.

January: Cold, rainy, miserable weather and an empty purse...
That pretty much sums up how my month is going! Haha, I'm sure you are all feeling the same over here in the UK? The weather has been super cold and rubbish.
I feel like I've not blogged in forever (Because I have been super busy working full time and gyming it and asosing) arghhh mega busy and tiring :( so sorry everybody!
I am back with another blog post though, yaay.

I have been dressing super smart for work (crazy I know, but I can actually dress pretty basic when I need to) I decided to go shopping on my day off today for work shoes. I ended up spending half of my time and money in the Victorias secret store (If you haven't been in yet check out the sale it is UH maaazing) I bought so much and it was soo cheap!

(Penalty picture of my naughty cat that kept getting in the way of the camera so I gave him a good hugging, hahaha his face is hilarious)

I don't wear this cute jumper as much as I should. It's so comfy and was such a bargain. I want another one like it, I don't think I have worn this since I went to the Clothes Show!
I recently bought this skirt (looked for it for ages in the sale) then boom the one day I wasn't actually looking for it, it was there sitting in my size! (victory dance) I have one too many pvc skirts now though, got a right collection building up. I do think this one if my fave yet though :) cheeky little mini pvc number!

I am getting way lazy at the moment, on my days off I usually wear my hair down as I can't be arsed with it. I've had it dyed back a darker colour :) no matter how hard I try I forever look like a cast member of American Horror Story!

These boots are very heavy for outfits like this one, so I teamed them with some cute gingham ankle socks to add a girly touch to the outfit.
I Love the contrast of the pvc skirt and fluffy jumper, girly but edgy. Just how I like it!

Bowler hat: Topshop.
Make-up: MAC cosmetics - lipstick in shade Yash.
Necklace: Topshop sale £2.50!
Jumper: Primark.
Skirt: Topshop sale £15!
Socks: Topshop.
Boots: River Island sale £20!
I am loving the sales, I haven't found as much as I usually do. But the items I have found I looove <3

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