Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Killer heels.

Everybody has that pair of killer heels that are some crazy ass colour that matches nothing...

I bought these amazing shoes in the sale last year, when my old work place had a huge clearance event on. I totally forgot I had them until I was attempting to tidy my room the other week (attempting) haha.. They are such a crazy colour and barely match anything! I bought them because they were so cheap and beautiful! They don't really match anything much but I wore them totally casually for my Mums Birthday meal and drinks tonight.

(Cheeky toilet snap, classy condom machine behind haha)

(My amazing food, from the Sword dancer yummm, yes I have a right appetite haha)

I rarely used to wear jeans, but at the moment I am hugely obsessed with them. Probably because I have to dress smart for work I love a good chill comfy day these days! (Don't worry I'll still be wearing my crazy outfits too) but these jeans are the one! Super comfy, think I will invest in them in black too (already have them in pink) cheeky buys.

Soo, I was feeling pretty lazy tonight, I decided to crack out these amazing heels though to make a casual outfit, that little bit dressier. Plus because the outfit was so basic, it meant I could wear my amazing statement shoes, necklace and bag. 
These heels make my legs look huuuuge, Love em!

Super sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, but I have a new full time job and have decided to join the gym. (I'm only telling my fellow readers as I have decided to stop complaining and tone my body up) It's not so much as a new years resolution as it is a life change for me.
This year is going to mean big changes for me, I am so excited for them!

Make-up: MAC cosmetics.
Necklace: Topshop.
Bodysuit: Topshop.
Belt: Moschino vintage.
Jeans: Joni @ Topshop.
Heels: Lipsy from Republic.

Hope you are all okay and enjoying yourselves.
Trend of days.

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