Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kiss Kiss

Happy new year!

Cheeky day off today! I will eventually get around to blogging more of my sale purchases and Christmas haul! Eeek.. but for now here's my outfit of the day:

Todays post is all about attention to detail, a simple pair of jeans can be easily dressed up with a logo vest, leather jacket and a pair of amazing shoes! I am really into wearing this headband again, makes me feel like pocahantas though! Haha.. Total hippie vibing. This is the first time I've worn this faux fur collar today after finding it in the sale. I absolutely love it, adds attitude to a boring jacket and makes it totally versatile. 
(I definitely have the matching bag to this collar, I posted it a few blogs ago)

I absolutely love this vest, I blogged it last year (feels so weird saying last year) it is one of my all time favourites, I love the band Kiss and when I saw Cara Delevigne rocking this I had to have it.. 

I Love those cold winter days when the sun is shining, like today.. I hope you are all having an awesome first week of the new year! 

Headband: Topshop (A looong time ago.)
Lipstick: MAC shade Yash.
Faux fur collar: River Island.
Jacket: Motel Rocks.
Vest top: Terrible Movement @ Urban Outfitters.
Jeans: Topshop (DIY rips.)
Boots: River Island.

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Thanks for the support through out 2013.. 

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  1. love love! you look flipping great with the headband & fur collar.

    Happy New Year girl!

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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