Monday, 20 January 2014

Tomboy Vibes.

I Love a good laid back outfit, there's nothing better than spending a day off of work in your 'comfy' clothes. Don't get me wrong I always prefer to dress up a little more, but when you've been working all week it's great to hop into some laid back garms!

I am hugely into layering clothing lately, it adds more attitude to a casual outfit I think. So when I saw this jumper, I knew I had to have it and layer it with a bright plaid vintage grunge shirt. I never really wear plain leggings, but I feel that this jumper and shirt combo spoke for itself. 
I Love Vans but it's rare I find a pair that fits me right, I am lusting after a high top pair. Definitely on my wish list. They are great to pair with any casual comfy outfit, they are great in summer with Levis too :).
In winter when I decide to wear mine, I team them with some cute frilly ankle socks for warmth and to look a little more alternative. (I love the black and white contrast between the jumper, shoes & socks, cute cute cute!)
I haven't worn a New Era hat in years, I think my heads grown!? I swear the measurement of them used to be smaller than this one is. Haha.. ouch. I love hats, I think if I was to pick a most worn item this year it would be about 3 hats I own that I constantly put on because I am having a bad hair day! In fact I've seen a hat that says 'Bad hair day' on, I think I need to get me one of those (might help explain why I am forever wearing a hat on my days off) haha.

The whole hat backwards and skateboard reminds me of a American High school student and I love it! I am such a sucker for cute American fashion's and inspirations.
As always I am wearing my favourite MAC lipstick, which is running super low! I love the fact that this shirt and the lippy are a perfect match :).
I can't get enough of this amazing sweater/jumper from one of my favourite shops ever.. I will link them below for you all to have a look at! Amazing key pieces for your wardrobe, at affordable prices..

*Currently listening to Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push & taking advantage of the River Island 20% off offer for tonight only*

Hat: New Era.
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.
Shirt: Vintage.
Sweater/Jumper: c/o Vulgar.
Leggings: Ark clothing.
Shoes: Vans.

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  1. Awesome outfit and super cool pics :D


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