Thursday, 6 February 2014

Two tone.

Two tone boots, are huge this season... <3

I have been after a pair of black and white two tone boots for months, I kept seeing pairs I loved, but when I had money they had sold out or never had my size. They are such a huge statement piece this season. 
River Island recently had a 20% off event online, so I took advantage of the situation and bought myself some beautiful black and white booties... yum! 

A little too obsessed with black and white clothing, this sweater is one of my absolute favourites, from the wonderful Vulgar Sheffield. It's the easiest piece to wear and matches absolutely everything! These boots look cracking with the print on the sweater :) match perfectly and tie the monochrome look all together. 
I have only just got around to using this amazing ball of fur of a bag! I got it in the sale, nearly bought it when it was full price when I was on a spending spree (as always) eek!
Poor little bag got all soggy in the rain today :( but it's drying off nicely now...

These boots are my new favourite shoes, I love the fact that they are super chunky and 'cleated' (jagged chunky soles) alike to the Jeffrey Campbell skullys/Mulder. But at a slightly cheaper price, plus no import fees for us Brits!

*Forever hating import fees :( I just need to live in the states*

I am loving all black errythang at the moment! I don't wear much bright (I keep buying it but love darker colours) so the white contrast in these pieces is lovely to add to my outfits every now and then.. Mmmm shopping.

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Skirt: H&M.
Boots: River Island.
Bag: River Island.

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