Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Eat my dust.

(Funny story, yes I was dragging this giant traffic cone all over my street, looking like a crazy girl. All in the name of getting some good, unique blog pictures...)

I absolutely love fashion blogging, it's my favourite thing to do. Well blogging and shopping for amazing new items of clothing! 'I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet' little Sex and the City quote I live by there. 
Alas there is one down fall to following amazing companies and other bloggers on sites such as Instagram, I find myself browsing constantly in my past time and finding amazing things I constantly want to add to my wardrobe. Saying this recently 'The Ragged Priest' had an amazing offer on, 20% off everything on the site. I found some amazing bargains, for example this grunge mesh vest 'Eat dust' was only £8!
This is a company I have loved for years, very grunge, punk inspired and their items of clothing are bound to add a sense of attitude to any outfit. 
They are real statement pieces. 

I bought this vest top, with these amazing hand made sunglasses in mind, I can't wait to wear them both together in Summer when the weathers hopefully like this 24/7 (I do live in the UK hence the hopefully.)
These amazing sunnies, made their way to me all the way from the USA <3
I will link the company below as they are definately worth checking out, amazing handmade items at good prices. A piece from the collection is sure to brighten up your summer.
I added my trusty Jeffrey Campbells to the outfit, I must say I am a sucker for that company...

Sunglasses C/O: Prissy lily Co.
Choker: L0st Keys.
Vest top: The Ragged Priest.
Vintage Levi shorts: Cow Vintage.
Jeffrey Campbell Litas: Office Shoes.

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