Monday, 31 March 2014

Salem bound.

Today I surfaced (from my days of being ill) I had actually forgot how to draw my eyebrows on! Urgh, I dragged my sorry ass to go get my nails done as they looked horrific I'm talking one had fallen off and they were hurting :( how grim, damn my illness. I was feeling like a total goth chick today, so I decided to go for my favourite colour ;) 
I absolutely love this sweater, it's the cutest and so comfy to wear! Here I am yet again, wearing my favourite jeans, Look how cute they are with my new Topshop bargain boots though!?
I love that the sweater is sheer so I can put my favourite bodysuit underneath :) (Blackmilk style, and we all know how much I love Blackmilk)
I am majorly obsessing over chokers lately, this one is by far my favourite that I own and it is handmade by my amazing friend, I will link her super cute boutique store below...

Hat: Primark.
Choker necklace: C/O Nemesia Jewellrey.
Sweater: Dolls kill. 
Bodysuit: Primark (similar to Blackmilk clothing)
Jeans: Republic (customised)
Socks: Republic.
Boots: Topshop (Sale, I knew if I was patient they would be mine!)

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  1. I looove this jumper, the whole outfit is sweet!! xx

  2. I love the boots!

    Claudia xxx


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