Thursday, 21 August 2014

Last minute holiday bargain buys - I Love Primark.

Okay, okay so I was having a huge crisis thinking that my passport wouldn't come back.. Then boom! He arrived safe and sound on my doorstep today. It is official I will be booking a sunshine holiday and leaving the UK in 5 weeks time! Eek, having not flown in ages it'll be a pretty close destination, maybe Spain.
So naturally, I decided to hunt out some last minute holiday bargains, 
I usually live in high waisted items, so these two bikinis are a huge thing for me! They are actually normal rise pants, eek! I have also braved the lack of padding, which again is a huge deal for me! Being quite little, I don't have the biggest boobs.

But this year I decided to be brave and just think F*ck it! You only live once!
I grabbed these two bikinis from Primark for such a bargain price I couldn't resist.
The floral crown matched my sale Havaianas perfectly, so of course I couldn't resist it. I was a little sad that it was £5 because I am mega skint this month... To my surprise I took it to the till and it scanned at £2! Wahoo, thank you Primark.
I hate flip flops, but I managed to pick these beauties (as pretty as they get) up from trusty John Lewis for £9 in the sale! Awesome, I only wanted a pair because I've seen a few celebrities getting papped in them.. What am I like!

Aztec Bikini: Primark £4.00 for the set.
Floral crown: Primark £2.00 reduced from £5.00.
Havaianas: John Lewis £9.00 reduced from £18.00.
Tie dye bikini: Primark £3.00 for the set.

How could I refuse!? What holiday bargains have you spotted? Get yourself to Primark ladies.
Love Trendofdays


  1. Nice items *-*Your blog is very lovely and interesting. I`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. Thank you :) I will definitely check out your blog.

  2. So cool, lovely items

  3. That aztec bikini is just so cute, such a pretty colour and such an awesome bargain too! x

  4. I love the bikinis you got esp the tie dye one! I've never seen a tie dye bikini before so this one's great x

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    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  5. Lovely color :D


  6. Love the flower crown! I am so into headpieces! Absolutely lovely!

  7. OMG! I love Primark! when I visit UK I get crazy! Love the suimsuits :)

  8. Lovely items:)


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