Wednesday, 26 February 2014


You guessed it right, my new post is based on the styling/theme of American Horror Story's 'Coven'.
Although the colour of the outfits is predominately black if not totally black, I have decided to base my look on a monochrome theme, to make the look a little different. I wear all black far too much so am currently trying to branch away from the all dark look. Funnily enough half of my life is spent looking like I belong to a Coven...

I have always been very interested in gothic trends and witch craft ever since I was little and watched films such as 'When death becomes her' and 'The craft'. I have grown up on these, my Mother has always highly influenced my fashion and as of today I still have her to thank for getting me into these amazing things.
Long story short, I Love dark clothes, huge statement hats and anything to do with witch craft... Hence the velvet pentagram choker currently hanging from my neck as I type this post.

Fedora hat: H&M.
Necklace: Topshop.
Fluffy jumper: Topshop.
Faux leather skirt: Topshop.
Boots: River Island.
Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger.
(Wow I have done a entire high street inspired look, which I haven't done in a while)
Hope you enjoy.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Take my breath away..

Completely random blog title... but when you see my jacket you'll realise why the 1986 song by the group Berlin sprung to mind.

Hello! The sun was shining in Sheffield today which is a rare occurance, so I decided to venture out on a shopping spree. For the first time in forever I was only wearing a light weight jacket. I can't wait until I can wear less layers and crack out the light weight clothing again. I have so many pieces I have bought ready for the weather change (if it ever does, the perks of living in England *cries*) I just want to live in LA!
So, I got this jacket a couple of months ago I fell in Love with it as soon as I saw the shape. I am a sucker for key vintage pieces that I can mix up with high street trends.

Eek! Such a Topgun'esque jacket. Absolutely adore that film, but lets not get into that! I recently saw this T-shirt featured on an article to do with LFW and I knew I had to have it. It is such a versatile piece, looks great dressed up or dressed down and will look great in the summer with vintage Levi shorts & chunky sandals... yummm!
I adore the whole monochrome trend, most of my wardrobe is black and I would be lying if I said otherwise. I have been really good lately picking out new items to bring a little colour to my wardrobe  floordrobe. 

I definitely did not forget that I bought these shoes... eek! To add a little more colour and quirk to the outfit I teamed the coltrane open boots with some super cute polka dot lace frill ankle socks. ( I am such a sucker for ankle socks) any excuse to wear them. 
* Please excuse the photographs being inside it was too dark for outside pictures when I got home, boo bring on Summer!*

Vintage 80's flight jacket: COW Vintage.
Necklace: Topshop.
Scarf: Primark.
Belt: Vintage M&S.
T-shirt: River Island.
Jeans: Republic (before it closed down) then customised.
Socks: Topshop.
Boots: Topshop.

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sticks and stones.

'Can break my bones, but words will never hurt me'...

Absolutely Love that saying, my Mother has always brought me up to be care free of what others think of me. Maybe that's why today I have the confidence and care free attitude to wear what the hell I want? 
Girls who read my blog are always asking me how I dare to wear what I do, simple.. I just don't give a f*ck! Life is too short, if I was to get a message through to my readers it would be this:
'Don't let anybody stop you being yourself and having your own unique style, life is too short'.

(For some reason the waistband on this skirt made me look like a have a crazy body shape, I don't know why, think it's how I'm stood haha alien belly eek, can I just clear up I don't have an alien belly please?)
Soo, pale and interesting I am freakishly pale, natural English Rose as my Nan would say to me. Sometimes it's a good thing sometimes it's a bad thing, but again I've learnt to live with the fact that I am naturally pale.
Anyway back to the amazing clothing I am wearing. The crop top is new and I recently received it from a local brand (Sheffield based) which I adore. It's really gothic and eye catching, just how I like my outfits to be. The style of the top means it matches absolutely anything and I love a versatile piece to add to my collection.

The skirt is amazing I know! Little cute bones all over, in a knitted fabric. Which is very unusual, I bought this piece when I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham in December. Made by a woman I can only respect for her amazing style and how her mind works.

I love the fact that everything in this outfit I am wearing is black but with the clashes of colour, the outfit it much more interesting and eye catching.

Necklace: c/o Cheap Frills.
Lipstick: Illamasqua - Apocolips.
Top: c/o Dogbreath Apparel.
Skirt: White Noise the Brand (sister brand to Freak Of Nature.)
Shoes: Dolls Kill - Unif Hellbounds.

Creep it real, Trendofdays.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sports luxe.

Okay, so trending at the moment is the whole 'sports luxe' trend. I must admit at first I was a little wary of trying this out... But the more bloggers and fashion designers I saw 'sporting' this trend, the more I became obsessed with the look.
 This trend has been spotted all over, 'Vogue' magazine recently did a good article on the trend from London Fashion Week (which I am totally gutted I didn't get to attend) because it looked amazing! I have lost count of how many amazing outfits and styles I have seen plastered all over Twitter/Lookbook/Instagram. 

I am trying a new take on blogging, I have changed the layout of my blog and have decided to change my image sizing and effects (more natural) let me know what you think!
So I opted for the over sized basketball jersey vest, wet look leggings, beanie hat and here is the contrast I decided to team this look with my irridescent amazing necklace, clutch and heels my lovely Mum suprised me with for Christmas (this lady knows me all too well.)
I feel like a sporty mermaid.. There is nothing better than that I can assure you!

Super strange facial expressions as per usual with no edit on these images, maybe I look so serious because I have to admit I was pretty cold in the miserable UK weather today!

Beanie hat c/o: Dogbreath Apparel.
Lipstick: Apocolips by Illamasqua.
Necklace: Primark.
Basketball vest: Vulgar.
Clutch bag: River Island.
Leggings: Republic.
Heels: River Island.

My favourite sport inspired looks from London Fashion Week were:
Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Emilio Pucci.


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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Two tone.

Two tone boots, are huge this season... <3

I have been after a pair of black and white two tone boots for months, I kept seeing pairs I loved, but when I had money they had sold out or never had my size. They are such a huge statement piece this season. 
River Island recently had a 20% off event online, so I took advantage of the situation and bought myself some beautiful black and white booties... yum! 

A little too obsessed with black and white clothing, this sweater is one of my absolute favourites, from the wonderful Vulgar Sheffield. It's the easiest piece to wear and matches absolutely everything! These boots look cracking with the print on the sweater :) match perfectly and tie the monochrome look all together. 
I have only just got around to using this amazing ball of fur of a bag! I got it in the sale, nearly bought it when it was full price when I was on a spending spree (as always) eek!
Poor little bag got all soggy in the rain today :( but it's drying off nicely now...

These boots are my new favourite shoes, I love the fact that they are super chunky and 'cleated' (jagged chunky soles) alike to the Jeffrey Campbell skullys/Mulder. But at a slightly cheaper price, plus no import fees for us Brits!

*Forever hating import fees :( I just need to live in the states*

I am loving all black errythang at the moment! I don't wear much bright (I keep buying it but love darker colours) so the white contrast in these pieces is lovely to add to my outfits every now and then.. Mmmm shopping.

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Skirt: H&M.
Boots: River Island.
Bag: River Island.

Trend of days.

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