Sunday, 29 December 2013

Barf'in Sunday

Today's outfit is inspired by the colour pink and my Nikki Minaj MAC Pink Friday lippy (which is running stupidly low) a lot of people think that this tee says 'Barbie' but it actually says 'Barf' haha! Which I love.
I'm not much of a pink person, but this lippy teamed with this tee is a match made in heaven.
I really should invest in a pink beanie hat, but I love the clash of purples and pinks, so I opted for my purple beanie and iridescent chain.
I am absolutely loving faux fur and pu leather this winter, this skirt matches absolutely everything.
(These boots are my current footwear obsession, such a good buy and they are actually comfy for heels, thank you River Island sale.)
I recently got this tee from one of my favourite shops everrrrr, good old Vulgar <3 got a right cracking wardrobe because of those guys!

Beanie hat: C/O Vulgar.
Lipstick: MAC Pink Friday (Nikki Minaj limited)
Necklace: Topshop.
T shirt: Vulgar.
Skirt: H&M.
Boots: River Island.

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

All black everything.

Wow! I have been so busy over Christmas. Hope you all had a great day :)!
I got some amazing presents, which I will be blogging hopefully very soon. I braved Meadowhall today (shopping centre) and it was soo busy! I got so many good buys though with my Christmas money! I will be putting a haul up shortly, on my best finds of the sale!
Keep posted ;)

I was having a super lazy day today, so it was definitely a pretty casual day for me. I am such a sucker for wearing black, it is the easiest colour (shade duhh) to wear..

* Sorry about the quality of the photos, my camera has been playing up*
I will hopefully be getting a new one pretty soon!
The light in my house is terrible today too, so dark.

I am a sucker for high waisted jeans, so when I found these in my wardrobe (with the tags still on) oops, I decided to rip the knees to make them a little different. Love a good statement piece, the great thing about these is that they match everything!
I would recommend anybody having a pair of comfy black jeans in their wardrobes.
I decided to team these bad boys with my new chunky chelsea boots (sale bargain number one) I have been after a pair like this for forever, they are actually kinda comfy too which is a bonus!
I chucked in a little white (cardigan and bag) to add a little contrast to the outfit, come on I mean I like black but I didn't want to look too gothic... what with my nose ring, lip bar and... oh yeah whatever!
Who am I kidding, I'll forever be a grunge girl.
(A few people have asked about my make-up on my posts lately, especially on Instagram (@trendofdays) Here is a close up of todays look, my entire face is MAC cosmetics, except my eyebrows which are Illamasqua eyebrow cake in shade Thunder.
I am such a MAC girl it's untrue, I swear by it.

Lipstick: MAC shade Myth.
Necklace: Topshop.
Cardigan: Primark.
Bodysuit: Topshop.
Jeans: Topshop.
Boots: River Island (current sale piece)
Bag: River Island (I bought the matching faux fur collar today, yumm sale bargains)

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa Baby!

Can I just start by wishing all my readers and the people that support my blog a Happy Christmas!!

Little bit of a fun post! Just to let you all know I really appreciate your support, sharing of my blog and all the Love you send my way! It means so much. I have only been blogging a short while, so the attention my blog has received is so great :)!
I just want to take this time to say a huge thank you to all of the companies supporting me, working with me and sending me hauls and care packages. I have loved working with you this year and look forward to a new year full of blogging goodness and suprises to come! 

(This is an actual present that one of my besties has bought me and I am dying to know what's inside, I'm sure I will be blogging whatever it is, as I am sure I will Love it!)

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.
Dress: Ann Summers - too big but I wanted it anyways!
Socks: Primark, cute little find.
Shoes: My one and only favourite Jeffrey Campbell.

Have a great Christmas everybody, can't wait to show you all what treats I get :)

Love from Trendofdays.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chin up.

Wow! I haven't blogged in days.. not good. I have had so much on and haven't had much luck lately with things.. But never mind yeah, gotta keep your chin up! Especially with Christmas being so close! It doesn't feel to festive to me, so I'm hoping things get better for me with in the next few days!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of Christmas miracles, to make me smile :)!

(Cheeky tag slip, mind the bra guys, don't judge me)

I'm absolutely loving my disco pants again! They are surprisingly warm and easy to wear, so perfect for this weather. They are so versatile, you might be thinking they are a lot of money but I would say they are a great statement piece to have in your wardrobe.
I am loving this skimpy bodysuit by one of my favourite designers :) the material is like a stretch lycra and really comfortable. I am loving the back of the bodysuit, amazing elasticated pentagram. If I was brave enough I would totally rock this bra - less but  I don't have the biggest boobs! Haha... awkward! 

(p.s I am blogging inside my house as it is mega windy and cold today, yay for finding somwehere to take pictures)
I am also trying to make myself, wear less make-up and have a more natural appearance occasioanly just for abit of contrast.

Looking at these pictures is making me realise that I have gained quite a booty from eating naughty food over Christmas.. that's my excuse!

Lipstick: MAC viva glam Nikki. (Love abit of Minaj goodness) 
Bowler hat: Topshop.
Bodysuit: Freak of Nature (Clothes show Live).
Dance pants: American Apparel.
Boots: Topshop (new fave, cute statement piece)

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Abandon Ship.

When I went to the Clothes show, I bought some amazing leggings that I have been after for ages. You may have already read my blog post on my clothes show live haul (if not check it out and see what bargains I managed to find myself here)

So I liked the idea of the skateboard as a prop, but I did actually used to skate years ago! This was my first skateboard I ever got and I still have it, it has so many memories. I keep thinking about skating again in the summer, but bruised legs and broken arms don't look great on fashion bloggers! 
I love these leggings and managed to pick them up £10 cheaper than on the website, which is always great. I teamed them with my giant red Campbells that I absolutely Love, a graffic print oversized vest (that I forgot I had) and a vintage faux fur coat.
I wanted to wear the outfit with just the mesh sweater underneath but it was far too cold today for that! I am forever cold too, I swear.
I really like the whole grunge meets designer fashion look. 

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo (my ultimate fave) - £15
Necklace: Freedom @ Topshop - £2.50 (sale)
Sweater: Primark - £6. (Awesome for layering in cold weather)
Vest: Boy London. (Forgot I had this but I Love it)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Here is a penalty picture of me At Clothes show Live meeting the lovely Robbie (PR and sales coordinator for Abandon ship) and Chris John Millington (from Sapphires Modelling agency)

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Clothes show live outfit.

When I booked my Clothes show Live tickets (weeks before the event) I kept telling myself not to panic about what to wear, something will turn up. I booked the week of the show off of work, in a way to make myself sort through my bedroom and pick a worthy outfit.
 I say worthy because It's a big thing! You want to look trendy, yet different and hope nobody else turns up in the same outfit! I rattled my brain for days, I had decided on the skirt, because it was alternative, quirky and I guessed (hoped) nobody else would be wearing it, as it was a limited 48hr piece on the website...

Finally! I went shopping the day before and picked up some amazing tops/jumpers and a pair of shoes I fell in Love with weeks ago but knew I needed in my life for this event.
I got home that night and tried on so many outfits, until boom! I found a winner (victory dance)...

I was after this faux fur collar for ages, but I had no money! Finally, when I got paid I went straight online and bagged one, knowing I would love it with this skirt. I absolutely Love rainbows and bright faux fur. So this was definitely a must have in my wardrobe!
I love the bold colour clash between the skirt and collar, I even bought purple glitter socks and a new MAC lipstick to match!
I didn't really want to wear a basic black top with this skirt, so I found this super cute fluffy jumper which adds just the right amount of contrast :)

I took these snaps the night before I went to Clothes show, just a bit of outfit building and styling I was doing. 
I am a sucker for anything with Unicorns on, so when this skirt was released and was a limited piece, I knew I had to be at the ready! 
I felt a little bit like a unicorn, with the fluff, rainbow colouring and giant victory roll in my hair! Haha.. oops.

Lipstick: MAC shade Strong Woman -£15.

Faux fur collar: ASOS - £25.

Chunky chain: Freedom @ Topshop - £2.50 (sale)

Fluffy jumper: Primark - £12

Unicorn skater skirt: Blackmilk clothing (Limited 48hr piece)

Glitter socks: Topshop - 3 pairs for £8 0r £3.50 each.

Cut out boots: Topshop - £38.

Hope you like what I was wearing, I got photographed by the Lovely Clothes Line. Which was amazing! But even more amazing was the fact that they picked me as a style Ambassador (another victory dance wahoo) Thanks guys!
Check out what they had to say about my outfit here.

I had a blast at The Clothes Show but picking my outfit was so stressful, here a penalty picture of how I felt the night before:

Hope you enjoyed my outfit and post :) don't forget to check out my posts on Instagram and Twitter (linked in my sidebar) or search @trendofdays.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sequin season.

Sequin Season is amongst us...

You know how there has always been that old saying 'Red and green should never be seen' well I'm breaking all the rules! I have found an exception, clash, clash, clash, that it what this season is all about. Pushing the boundaries of textures and colours to create a unique Christmas party outfit.
The perfect Christmas dress? I have found it. Both warm, comfortable and adjustable to suit your every needs. 
Long sleeves, sparkly sequins and it speaks for itself, the Gabby dress, in iridescent green. (comes in other colours, but this was my fave, mermaid vibes)
I was going to wear it to the work Christmas do, however I was at Clothes show the same day/night so didn't get to test drive it. 
Favorited by many fashion bloggers this season including myself, so we can't all be wrong eh?! 
You wouldn't have to heavily style this dress, but you know me.. Matching mermaid bag, bright red lips, bright red killer heels to match and my trade mark frilly ankle socks :)

1. Motel Rocks Gabby dress in iridescent green - £58.00.
2. MAC red matte lipstick in shade Ruby Woo - £15.00.
3. Jeffrey Campbell Lita, red distressed heels - £120.00 (selling on various different websites, available in different colours and styles.)

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas party outfit, I have always loved Motel Rocks. If you stuck for what to wear this festive season, you should definitely check them out! Life savers!

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Until next time.

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