Saturday, 28 September 2013

Halloween is everyday...

Soo I ordered some leggings a few weeks ago now and have been practically sprinting to the door every time I've heard the post come through the letter box! I absolutely love getting clothes in the post and love opening it up and trying it on asap! I'm like a kid on Christmas day! 
 When I told people about these leggings, the questions I got asked were 'Ohh are you buying them for Halloween' or 'Are they your fancy dress outfit this year' Haha I just laugh it off and casually explain, nope I dress like this everyday and just this time of the year as clothes get released that i absolutely adore! I feel like I'm in a Tim Burton film wearing these, in Love much!
WOW! I know right, they came with little suspender clips to attach the top of the leggings, to clip the leg part to, which I think makes them easier to get on and off, the only thing I found is that the leggings sometimes fall off when I'm sat down but that's not much of an inconvenience. 
They are a silky thick material, but not at all see through, which is great because I always struggle to find tops to match leggings like this! 
Tshirt: Topshop Halloween range last year, Leggings: My Mum found them me off of a random little website and they are Black Milk replicas! Uhmazing because as much as I would love to be able to afford Black Milk all the time, I sadly can't even though it's one of my fave clothing companies :( wah!
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell spike Lita, from Office shoes.
Earcuff: Republics closing down sale, bargain jewellery for £1, did somebody say!?
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& thank you for all of the support and positive comments about my blog and recent photo shoot, it's nice to know people are reading this and following what i'm doing <3
Amelia (Trend Of Days)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...

Whoops! I was so pooped (haha) from working long hours the last few days to afford sensible things like phone bills and board...  Jeffrey Campbells and a Blackmilk limited edition Halloween catsuit, let me be honest! So remember I said I'd done the photo shoot for the ASOS Marketplace Boutique 'We could Forever' well the lovely owner has been uploading the pictures of me modelling  attempting to model :) and I absolutely adore them and this set in particular is my favourite look she styled me in.
I really love the whole grunge look, always have and always will, I think its really easy to wear and it's great on those days where you want to look effortlessly cool. I love the whole late 80s early 90s oversized denim statement and plaid/tartan prints that you can clash to create that look, as seen above.
The skirt and the jacket is currently for sale here and are such bargain prices for real vintage pieces! I'd know because i've bought things in the spur of the moment and realised i've been robbed blind when i shop around!
I was specifically asked to take these shoes to the photo shoot and I'm glad I was, I forgot how much i'm totally in love with them even though they aren't the easiest thing to walk in because for some reason they don't bend well when I walk? Haha, not that has ever stopped me! Go hard or go home!
The Hellbound shoes are the way forward.

 Obsessed with my fedora hat, it cost a whole £8 from Primark! Which is such a bargain, I was recently looking at one in Topshop for £95!? whaaaaat, I know right (sorry Topshop, Love you.)
Make-up is MAC cosmetics, Lipstick is Cyber :)
The photos are by the Lovely Jodie Blackburn photography.
Go check out We could Forever on ASOS Marketplace, if you want to buy some beaut garms and see more sneak pics of whats to come on my blog.
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Oh and if your wondering about the name of this blog, it's because this outfit reminded me of one of my fave fashionistas from the 1988 film Beetlejuice, Lydia.

Amelia (Trend of Days)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Punk meets designer.

Soo today has been a busy but awesome day! I went to do a photo shoot with the Lovely ASOS boutique owner of 'We Could Forever' (you should deffo check out her store, it has some adorable vintage hand picked pieces.)
 The clothes for the photo shoot were provided but as you can imagine I wanted to wear something nice for the occasion! So after i rattled my brain and completely totalled my wardrobe floordrobe, I was impressed when I managed to throw together this outfit which I have fallen in Love with! 
 Today was such a weird day, the weather was so over cast this morning, but came absolutely boiling when we were shooting pictures, how ironic that it was Autumn/Winter stock! I'm super glad the weather was nice though, the pictures have turned out great and I will be posting them on here when they have been edited and uploaded to the Boutique (can't wait to see them all!!)
 The lovely owner of the boutique was nice enough to take me some outfit of the day pictures for my blog and instagram @trendofdays. 
P.S absolutely LOVING Primark at the moment! 

I absolutely adore these shots! We found the perfect location.
Cardigan: Primark, Dripping Chanel vest: present from my lovely friend from Hong Kong, PU skirt: H&M, fedora hat: Primark, Jeffrey Campbell Litas: Office shoes.
My make-up is all MAC cosmetics and the lipstick is Cyber.

I just want to take time to say a HUGE thank you to We Could Forever and to Jodie Blackburn Photography. You should go and check out the Boutique, as she will be listing some amazingly cute one off new Autumn/Winter items, please go check out her photography page through Facebook too.
Until tomorrow night ;)

Monday, 23 September 2013

The tartan scarf.

Hii, I recently added this post to my Instagram account @trendofdays, so thought I would share it on here too! I was getting ready for work the other day when I noticed the weather was so mixed, one minute its raining and cold and the next it's boiling hot and I wish i'd put on my cheeky sunglasses!
 Anyways I decided to compromise and wear a long sleeve midi dress but have my legs out (I am freakishly pale) I know! I'm usually so against getting my pale legs out but recently i'm liking the fact that my skin is so fair, i'm thinking Wednesday Addams meets pale and interesting? Haha!
 This dress is so easy to wear! I can just throw it on when i'm feeling lazy or i'm in a rush (which i always seem to be lately) not that i'm complaining though I love having things to do.
 The scarf is my new favourite item, along with this hat I will be taking them both through Autumn/Winter 13 with me, as key pieces. They can liven up the most basic of outfits (as seen below). The shoes I have on are one of my favourite pairs, they are my Jeffrey Campbell red distressed Litas. I am a huge Jeffrey Campbell fan and have an ever building collection, I got these ones at such a bargain price of £32! This is because I was lucky enough to find them shop soiled, there were a few tiny scratches on the leather but I think it just adds character to the shoes and i'm sure I will do more damage in these shoes with how clumsy I am!
Midi dress AX Paris, Tartan scarf & Fedora hat are both from Primark, Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Office shoes.
Hope you are enjoying my blog so far, thank you for such positive feedback!
Amelia (Trend of days)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Classic LBD.

Okay, so as I said in my last post I am completely new to using Blogger! Kinda means I have no idea what I'm doing so any constructive criticism is welcome, so long as your not telling me I'm completely rubbish! Haha.
 Anyways I've been posting my daily outfit posts on Instagram for a good few months now, it is my passion and the one thing I truly enjoy, so I thought I would make a blog in hopes for my blog and instagram to get more followers :) everybody has to start somewhere right?! 
 So here it is my first picture i'll be posting on my blog, its my little black dress! One of my fairly recent purchases, I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on the website.
 I have always been such a big fan of velvet, ever since I watched the addams family and saw Morticia wearing her velvet garms! So imagine my joy when I found out that velvet is one of the key pieces for this Autumn/Winter. I teamed the dress with my favourite vintage Moschino belt, (gift from Paris)  which I was ecstatic to receieve as I have always wanted one! Was so strange when I got mine I saw nobody in them and now they are so popular :) but you can competely see why, they match anything and I wear mine almost every day!
 Another one of my key items for this Autumn/Winter will be my trusty bowler hat, I wear this when i'm having bad hair days or am simply feeling mega lazy! I've got a right collection going on now though. 
 The shoes are one of my fave pairs EVER and never fail to grab peoples attention, even though they are killer heels, they are kinda comfy? Except for the time I had to walk home from town in them,, in the snow.. But thats another story!! 

Velvet skater Dress: Nasty Gal, Moschino belt (gift from paris) although I keep seeing good copies and originals up for sale on Ebay, shoes are my babies Unif Hellbounds and you can find them on a few websites although I got mine from Dolls Kill and luckily didn't get charged import fees ;), the bowler hat is from Topshop and i'm not sure they have this exact one anymore but they have similar ones.
 I am really into my Make up as well as fashion and all of the Make up I wear is usually from MAC cosmetics, the lipstick I have on here is Cyber.
Hope you enjoyed my post, be sure to let me know what you think.
Amelia (trend of days)

Trend Of Days

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Hi everybody!
 I have finally decided to start my very own Fashion & Beauty blog, I saved my pennies up and bought myself a shiney new laptop. I was having major issues thinking of a blog name that was both relevant, fairly short and fairly catchy. 
 I have been posting on Instagram under the name @Fashionofherlove forever! But due to that blog name being taken I waned something original and what nobody else has... So here it is my new blog and Instagram name will be.. dum dum dummmmmmm... @Trendofdays. 

Thank you to everybody on my Instagram page that has taken the time to follow me and inspire me to be brave enough to set this blog up.
It will take me a little while to get used to how this site works, so please bare with me :)

Amelia (Trend of days)
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