Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...

Whoops! I was so pooped (haha) from working long hours the last few days to afford sensible things like phone bills and board...  Jeffrey Campbells and a Blackmilk limited edition Halloween catsuit, let me be honest! So remember I said I'd done the photo shoot for the ASOS Marketplace Boutique 'We could Forever' well the lovely owner has been uploading the pictures of me modelling  attempting to model :) and I absolutely adore them and this set in particular is my favourite look she styled me in.
I really love the whole grunge look, always have and always will, I think its really easy to wear and it's great on those days where you want to look effortlessly cool. I love the whole late 80s early 90s oversized denim statement and plaid/tartan prints that you can clash to create that look, as seen above.
The skirt and the jacket is currently for sale here and are such bargain prices for real vintage pieces! I'd know because i've bought things in the spur of the moment and realised i've been robbed blind when i shop around!
I was specifically asked to take these shoes to the photo shoot and I'm glad I was, I forgot how much i'm totally in love with them even though they aren't the easiest thing to walk in because for some reason they don't bend well when I walk? Haha, not that has ever stopped me! Go hard or go home!
The Hellbound shoes are the way forward.

 Obsessed with my fedora hat, it cost a whole £8 from Primark! Which is such a bargain, I was recently looking at one in Topshop for £95!? whaaaaat, I know right (sorry Topshop, Love you.)
Make-up is MAC cosmetics, Lipstick is Cyber :)
The photos are by the Lovely Jodie Blackburn photography.
Go check out We could Forever on ASOS Marketplace, if you want to buy some beaut garms and see more sneak pics of whats to come on my blog.
If you don't already follow me on Instagram @trendofdays :)

Oh and if your wondering about the name of this blog, it's because this outfit reminded me of one of my fave fashionistas from the 1988 film Beetlejuice, Lydia.

Amelia (Trend of Days)

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