Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blackmilk has taken over my soul!

Hii! I have been so excited to do this blog post and it's finally here!! As you will have heard because I wouldn't shut the hell up about it  because I've mentioned it on Instagram, Facebook and here, I finally ordered some Blackmilk Clothing! OMG. I have bought things of theirs off of Ebay, but I finally ordered from the actual website, having saved some of my pennies! I knew the Halloween range would be amazing, because it was last year. So I thought to myself right, if they release something I absolutely Love I'll buy it.. (Of course I knew there would be something I love, I am OBSESSED with this clothing brand, I follow them on everything.
Anyways i'm getting over excited here, the package came and I was soo excited, I sent for it recorded so I knew the items would arrive before Halloween (not that this is an issue as I dress like its Halloween all year around) but you know I was desperate to have it on my body ASAP!
I payed an extra about £10 to get this express delivery, I knew there was an off chance of getting charged on the door for the import tax.. but imagine my face when I was on my dinner break at work (eating soup) skint as hell to get told the charge was £59.20!! WHAT THE HELL, now I don't blame the company at all as it is not their fault and I would buy over and over again from them, because the packaging and service was immense. Including their own staff helping me pick my size and items!
Lovely people working there, hopefully one day I will get to collab with them, so if your reading this anybody in the Blackmilk team ;)...
Dear Muscle 2.0 catsuit, YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! MARRY ME!?
How amazing is this though really!?
Well worth the money, great quality, great fit and amazing packaging and send out package :) super happy.
This catsuit was only available for 48hrs so I told myself I needed it in my life! Duty fees or not.
I wanted to do a really spooky/Halloween/creepy themed pose for this outfit, so I stole my Mums kitchen knife.. haha.. yes I got a lot of stares from the neighbours including one of them asking me what I was doing.. awk! Hahaha.
I want to live in this outfit for ever and ever.. My fave shoes look perf with it too as they are both a very similar style. The shoes I have on are the Jeffrey Campbell spike Litas. (Another item I convinced myself I needed) oops! 
The lace black kimono is from Missguided and I absolutely love it :) such a nice touch to outfits that you just want to add a little more detail to.
3 of my favourite things for sure.. Now I just need to convince myself to take it off.... 
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Amelia (Trend Of Days)

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