About Me

Hello! I am Amelia Rose Hopcroft, owner of Trend of days.

A little about me. I am 22 year old girl living in Sheffield, United Kingdom. 
I currently work full time and run Trend of days. My one true passion in life is Fashion, if my blog makes a difference, I would like it to encourage people to dress how they want and not be afraid to try new things.

Having a Mother that has passed her fashion addiction on to me, my wardrobe is bursting with vintage, high street and designer clothing which hardly sees the light of day. So a personal style blog is the perfect way to share these items with you all.

Having this huge obsession and love for fashion, I decided to begin my own blog and that's where Trendofdays was born. The name comes from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'End of days' and was just a fun play on words my brother came up with which stuck.
It's both catchy, fun and sums up my blog, as it is full of current trends and style ideas.

I hope you all enjoy reading my posts, Please feel free to leave me comments. I love reading and replying to them.

Much Love,

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