Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A competition which involves styling/Halloween/Blackmilk and Lookbook! Yep, I'm all ears. I recently purchased a dress from Blackmilk Clothing that I am too in Love with, if you read my last blog post or follow me on Instagram you will know that I went as Emily aka Corpse Bride for Halloween's Fright Night. I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton and Halloween, (Fan girling big time!)
So I put on my thinking cap and decided I would enter the competition with this:

You can buy the dress here. (NOM NOM NOM) I know I'm going to buy the leggings too, oops.
Bare in mind, I am not trained in applying make-up so the face is a little messy compared to what I would have liked it to be. I just loved the idea of becoming her? If that makes sense, actually trying to capture her face through the use of make-up.
I wanted to do the neck too but the face is so time consuming, plus I wanted to take these pictures at night so it looked creepy.
Wig: Fairytale blonde wig sprayed with a blue hairspray, at different angles to get different tones.
Make-up: Cream in blue, white, black, shaded areas were done in MAC blue eyeshadow and using MACS black liquid eyeliner.
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fright Night.

Every year, on the Sunday before Halloween Sheffield City Centre hosts 'Fright Night'. This is a famous event in the UK, people from different cities head over and dress up in crazy costumes! Yellow Bus Events runs the activities through out the centre which take place. 
(Find more about Yellow Bus Events and Fright Night 2013 here.) Below you will see the poster used to advertise the event, this gives you a spooky hint at what treats were to come..

Soo I took my camera, yes I actually remembered to take it with me! Even through the mad rush of doing my make-up and getting my dress and props ready. But unfortunately didn't get to take any pictures of anything other than me and my family because there were so many students and people wanting pictures taken with me!? Was crazy! So if any of you lovely people see this blog, come say hii :)!
This year I decided to go as Tim Burton's 'Emily' from The film The Corpse Bride.
I am a huge fan of his work and absolutely love that film (having waited until midnight to buy Black Milks Corpse Bride dress on the launch night.)
So yep huge fan, took me ages to find the make-up colours that I needed for her face! I wanted to do my neck but simply didn't have time as it was so complicated to draw the face! Haha.
Yes, this is an authentic 60's wedding dress! Haha, I wanted to cut it up but it was freezing so I just made a few alterations. The gloves are vintage and were bought from a charity shop (not for this just because I thought they were cute.)
I sprayed a blonde fairytale wig, to make her hair the deep blue shade that it is. 
If your really sneaky you can see the tip of my converse, comfort before fashion in this one scenario as I knew I would be doing loads of walking!
The event was awesome and I will definitely be using it as an excuse to get my entire family to dress up again! Uhhmaazing! 
Me and my family were also featured on our local papers website, where they show a slideshow of the costumes! Yay.
Keep an eye out for my next blog post and more updates on the event, head over to my Instagram @trendofdays for more sneak peaks!

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Spooky suprises.

I entered a competition with a company that I Love. Before I tell the story, I just want to tell everybody that I have the worst luck! I never win anything.. But guess what!?
I WON! Yaay, so I won a cute Halloween lucky dip/goodie bag from the company Cheap Frills. I have followed her on Instagram for a while now, constantly 'liking' and admiring the jewels that this girl makes, yes makes! She hand makes all of her pieces, which makes them all the more unique.
So imagine my excitement when I won a whole goodie bag, full of surprises (you can buy one on the website here)..

So this is what the lucky dip bag came like, and here are the stages of me opening it up (while getting myself super excited at what I'm going to find inside!)
I Love the fact that this comes with an old school wax stamp on the parcel to seal the jewellery inside, such a cute idea. She also took the time to wrap every item individually and add some spooky Halloween confetti to the package, which really surprised me when I opened it.

AHHH HOW COOL ARE THESE!? I definitely have a new favourite necklace. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram you will know I am obsessed with anything to do with horror, gore and Halloween. I am a huge fan of the original black and white horror films and Love how they look.
Imagine my excitement when I open the parcel and she's only gone and put my favourite earrings and necklace combo inside! 
So yes these are my personal favourites on her page. Then I open a really cute bone bracelet and neon skull earrings! Awh, super cute and kawaii.
Just the way I like it.
So check out Cheap Frills and let me know what your favourite piece is?
I just want to say a big Thank you to Georgia at Cheap Frills, I will definately be back for the Wednesday Addams necklace!

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Retro inspired styling.

I Love vintage and retro clothing, jewellery and accessories. You know when your looking at old pictures of your Mother and somebody says, oh wow you two really look alike? Well I swear I am a carbon copy of her, from everything I wear, buy and like. Everything I want now, she had in the 80's. Sometimes I'll even get asked where something is from and it will be her original vintage piece from when she was my age! Crazzzy! 
 I'm not complaining though, means I get cool one of original pieces and at the same time I have a Mother than knows what I like and can grab me a good bargain up when she's shopping ;)!
So yes this little delight of a dress! Is original vintage, costing £3.50! It was so cheap because it does have slight damage to the front, but it is barely noticeable when on :) I can probably get it fixed too.
When I put my favourite belt on, it's hidden too!
Soo this dress is such an old school pattern, like a dog tooth check in mustard, blue and red.
Such a vintage fit too, I loved the neck of this dress. Roll neck with a zip going all the way up to the top.
I felt it was only fitting to match my hair and make-up to the style of this dress:
Slight obsession with this app at the moment too, hehe.
I just feel it suits my blog better and it's something a little different.
I love this hair style, it's my favourite one to do but can only be done when I have the time to back comb the life out of it! Literally! 
Foundation: MAC Studio fix in NC15 plus matching powder.
Brows: Illamasqua brow cake in Thunder.
Eyeliner: Collection 2000 black.
Mascara: MAC lasting lash? I want to say it's in a blue tube! Eek, damn my messy make-up bag for rubbing of the name!
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Moon child.

On Wednesdays we wear Black... Or in my case it's most days for me! If you follow me on Instagram, read my blog or Like my Facebook page. You will know by now I Love anything mystical, magical and related to witch craft.. So it's not suprise that I Love the Moon so much.
So when I was shopping the other day and I decided to go into Syd & Mallory's boutique, I saw such a cute little top, well to tell you the truth I saw lots of cute little tops but this one caught my eye more so than the rest...
How cute is this!? Such a nice little touch to the top. 
I had to have it when I saw it, it's a cropped style but not too short which is good. I have a rule, I will only wear cropped tops with high waisted bottoms. It's just a weird little phobia of mine! Haha. 
Soo, yeah it was only £20 too, such a little bargain for a hand made tee.
That's it I am not spending any more money.. Mum points out to me that River Island have a sale on, next thing you know I'm in the queue to the fitting room.. Then I'm queuing to buy a kimono and this uhmaazziinng PVC pleated skirt. 
No I definitely don't need it but for £10 you can't afford not to get it, or at least that's what I told myself!
I have been after a black PVC skirt for a while, never finding one that is both affordable and fits me right. So imagine my shock when I tried this one and it fit perfectly.
I think it's really unusual too, most of the PVC skirts at the moment are midi straight fit. 
I have the Topshop light pink PVC skirt already and don't want too many of the same style, so I opted for this style to be a little different.

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I'm off to peel this skirt off of my legs, and take a nice long bath!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A casual Tuesday in Autumn.

It's Tuesday, I woke up this morning to the rain hammering on my window. I am going to town with my Mum, it's definitely a jeans, beanie and leather jacket day. You know when you wake up and you just think I need to throw on my favourite pair of jeans and just be casual and chilled? Yeah.. that.

I have no idea why this picture looks so sunny, it was miserable and raining all day on and off! This was the only part of the day where I could get a quick outfit shot without getting soaked :(.
A nice casual outfit that is suitable for any figure, any day of the week and is affordable and wearable.
My favourite Joni jeans from Topshop (they have been worn to death, I should probably get these in black) Note to self..
These jeans are an American Apparel copy at under half the price, so comfy and easy to style.
My boots, are canvas and rubber so they are perfect in slippy weather even though they have a heel, kinda comfy actually too which is always a bonus for me.
These are the Topshop Activist boots and cost me £55, I was desperate for them though!
The beanie is actually a replica of the original hat by Crookes and Castles. This one if you can see the writing properly says 'Cocaine & Caviare' on it and cost me a whole £7 off of the wonderful E-bay (mm Love E-bay).
My leather jacket has tassles on the back and is my favourite one, so easy to wear with anything, you can pick up nice jackets all over lately though. I constantly find myself lusting after a new one every week!
This cute vintage patterned shirt was a present off of my Mumma and I believe was £3! Bargain, for a real vintage piece. She chopped me the shoulder pads out because it made me look huge!
The fur collar was from H&M and was a best seller last year, I tried to get hold of one all over and ended up spotting this on E-bay (saves the day again) for £7.99! Yay.
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Kitty + Tartan = Perfect Outfit.

Okay, so I have two obsessions, I love cats and I love tartan.. What happens when you put them both together? Happy me!
Okay so every time I put these trousers/dance pants/leggings whatever they are!? A mixture of the three.. dance treggings? Who knows! Anyway back to the point, I get so many compliments and so many people have stopped me in the street asking where they are from! It's insane.
They are actually from River Island, but apparently sold out ridiculously fast? So I'm not sure if you can still get them.
I absolutely adore them, so comfy and they are like a stretchy dance/Lycra material? If that makes sense. They are surprisingly long, so I usually turn them up at the bottom, unless I'm wearing killer heels.
My Moschino belt must be my most worn accessory  it matches absolutely every outfit, it is such a good statement piece too, helps to break up any outfit.
I love these shoes too, I bought them when they were first released from Topshop and they are the Astrix canvas boots. I'd like to say they are comfy, but they rub my little toes and after a few hours absolutely kill :( no pain no gain right!? I still don't regret buying them because they match almost any outfit, I am just adamant on keeping them nice and white.
The shirt looks really creased here? It didn't look that bad when I was wearing it I promise! Haha.
I love cats, this shirt was a present from a friend and came from Hong Kong or Japan i'm not a 100% sure because she went to both places :). It is super cute and whenever I wear it somebody asks where it is from, I know that Romwe did a similar style one? I'm not sure if they still do though.
The shirt is really unusual too because it's a thin corduroy material, nice for the Autumn/Winter season in particular.
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So Thank you.

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

My must have Make-up items this year.

I have some exciting news... Dum dum dumm... I have decided to extend my blog from only writing about fashion and add beauty in there too :) seen as it is such a huge passion of mine.
I often get asked what make-up I use on a daily basis, usually on Instagram or Facebook so I'm going to show you all how I achieved this look:
Soo this is today's look, nice and Autumnal I think anyways, I always class red lipstick as an Autumn/Winter colour, even though I wear it all year around.
If you know me, you know I am a MAC Cosmetics girl, you might argue that the products are expensive but they are so worth it. The foundation/powder lasts ages and I use it practically everyday.
I know it may seem like I use so many products for one look, but well I do.. Haha! Oops, I just Love make-up...
Starting with the base, foundation and powder. Now I have tried so many different foundations and this is the only one that gives me the coverage I want and that lasts all day! The MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, with the matching powder foundation (for added coverage and less shine, but it's not essential, depends on your desired look.)
I am so pale, so just to add a little extra colour to my complexion, I use MAC natural mineral bronzer.
I used to put my foundation on with out a brush and it is so much easier and goes on so much better if you have the brush which matches your foundation brand.
I thought this was some huge rip off scheme for them to get more money out of you when I first was told, but it's not at all! It really works!
For Easter I was lucky enough to get an entire set of proffessional make-up brushes off of my Mumma :) which made me super happy! These ones are by Bobbi Brown, I'm not much help on the price because it was a gift but they are amazing!
'Don't let somebody who can't draw their eyebrows on, tell you shit about life'
Haha this quote makes me laugh so much, keep seeing it all over Instagram!
I use Illamasqua eyebrow cake in 'Thunder' (dark brown) and a sealing gel for the ends of my eyebrows, to make them thinner and more defined. I also bought the matching angle brush when buying this set.
Wahh I usually use MAC eye-liner but I am so poor this month until pay day :( that I have been using Collection 2000 fast stroke eye-liner, it is surprisingly amazing! The quality is really good, it's only about £3 too I think! Will definitely be investing in this again, nice little money saver there!
I use MAC mascara in Play lash (I think it's called) really good and makes them so long and full. 
I recently bought the four pack of eye shadow pallet, they come separate so you can pick the shades you want for the desired look you are wanting to achieve :) I picked natural brown/green tones so they will match any outfit.
Last but not least, my finishing touch is my Palmers Coco butter lip balm (absolutely amazing, works wonders and keeps your lips in amazing condition, especially during the colder months when they get chapped and sore) Best one iv'e used by far.
So I use that as a base, then I use MAC red (whichever matches the lipstick I'm using) lip liner and then I put on my fave colour MAC lipstick at the moment which is the Matte Rubywoo one.
BOOM! There you have it :) that's all the products I used to get this look, I know it might seem like it would take me ages, but I'm that used to applying it now it doesn't!
I hope you have liked this post as a little change, I will be adding more beauty based blogs in the future.. So keep an eye out!
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Grunge vibes.

If anybody ever asks me what is a 'must' have fashion item of clothing, I will always say a check/lumberjack shirt. They are the easiest/comfiest thing to chuck on in any weather :).
 When I did my photo shoot for the ASOS Marketplace 'We Could Forever' I got to wear some beaut clothes and everything I modelled I would wear myself or currently have something similar in my own floordrobe  wardrobe.
I love this outfit! Really wanted to keep this shirt :( but alas it was not meant to be it is for some other lucky lady to have :).
I love the colours, so autumnal and easy to wear. I Love clashing my clothes and liked the fact that I got to wear my bright red Jeffrey Campbell Litas (with cute frilly Topshop ankle socks) I always wear my socks lately with any shoe, Love them! They brighten up and make any outfit interesting.

Currently obsessing over anything tartan/check patterned. Such a huge look this AW13 and I love it!
Suits anybody too so its such a good pattern, this shirts a good length as well meaning you can tuck it in and wear it with leggings :).
Slightly different angle, okay ;) I just like this picture because of the colours, location and outfit :).

Hat: Primark £8.99
Lipstick: MAC Rubywoo (stays on for hours) £14.00
Black crop top: Primark £2.50 *Basic bargain alert*
Flannel grunge shirt: We Could Forever.
Mum jeans: Glamorous, similar found in Topshop.
Shoes: Found on a few sites, Jeffrey Campbell litas. (Mine were bought from Office and my other pair from Solestruck)
Shop around for the shoes, some places vary in price or sometimes offer discounts :)!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but religiously follows the new...

I feel lost! I have simply not had the time to blog every night this week :( which I hate because it's my favourite thing to do.
 Here I am though.. *tumbleweed* 'helloooo anyone out there'?
I have a new obsession, surprisingly not to do with fashion.. wait wait.. I somehow have made it combine with fashion though. It's 'Twin Peaks', so I recently started watching the show from the beginning and I am hooked after only a few episodes. So crazy because I noticed, the fashion from the 90's in this show has completely come back to haunt us all... I don't mean haunt in a bad way because I absolutely love those old school trends. 
I just mean it's crazy how everything comes back around? I feel like St.Trinians meets Twin Peaks meets.. Yeah you get the point it's all 90's teen girls related fashion and I Love it!
So here are a few of my new outfit pieces, at budget prices can I add :).. Even better..

Fedora hat: Primark £8.99
Tartan peter pan collar dress: Primark £15.00
Khaki frill ankle socks: Primark £2.50
Coltrane Jeffrey Campbell style boots: River Island £45.00
I saw this dress in a red colour on another fashion blogger at LFW (sorry I don't remember who but it looked lovely and really expensive) Imagine my jump for joy when I walked into Primark and saw this beauty! I couldn't believe it. Okay I might look a teeny bit like a school child/toddler but who cares ;).
Sorry about the quality of this photo, I'm buying a new camera soon so they will improve! 
I was feeling mega lazy and was still ill this day so excuse my pale face and messy hair haha!
I'm so into tartan this season, you can't escape it in any of the high street shops! But fear not there is a way to make your look individual, vintage pieces that are actually from the 90's era! Team a original vintage kilt/skirt with a chunky vintage cardigan or jumper and you have a perfect lazy autumn days outfit :).
Soo I would google some pictures of 'Twin Peaks' to show you the resemblance but I totally do not want to stumble across any spoilers!
You get the picture though, right?
Cardigan: Vintage, found in a local charity shop for a whole £4.00!
Tartan skirt: Again found in a charity shop on a different day and cost me £4.00, okay when I say me my mumma bought it for me :)!
Ankle socks and shoes: As stated above.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

High waisted classics & Twiggy in mind...

You know what I Love at the moment!? High waisted trousers! Tell a lie I have always loved them, they're so flattering and compliment so many outfits. I was once a 'skinny' fit trouser/Jean type of girl but now I've branched out and I have started wearing the 'flare', 'cigarette', 'peg leg' style ones. Having really taken to fashion over the last few years and feeling comfortable in my own skin, I am learning to try anything and not care what others think, after all life's too short right?

I feel like I'm in an 80's New York film set wearing this and I Love it!
Unfortunatly these stunning classical vintage trousers are not mine :( but some lucky lady can buy them at the lovely boutique We Could Forever through ASOS Marketplace.
I have always been a huge fan of monochrome with a splash of colour, so the Jeffrey Campbell red distressed Litas (found at a number of stores) but specifically Solestruck cater for the everyday shoe fanatic.
Find this lovlely Fedora hat in Primark stores for only £8!
I have been asked countless times where this is from and people are astonished when I tell them.
The more I look at these trousers the more I fall in love.. So you should definitely fall into Autumn in style ladies :)
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Saturday, 12 October 2013

We can live like Jack & Sally if you want?

I was saving this post until closer to Halloween but seen as I am now going out with my family for the occasion I can share it with you now :)
Skeleton hand hair clips: £3 each or two for £6 from Bury Me Pretty.
Skeleton ribcage sweater: Wildfox replica, Mumma bought me this off of some random online site she came across and I love it!
Skeleton bones leggings: Topshop, last year but find this years similar style here.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk heel less beauties find the suede similar style from Motel Rocks.
I'd like to say this is what I bought to wear at Halloween, but I will actually wear this all year round. I went shopping with my brother the other day and the looks I was receiving were so funny! I suppose I am dressed like something out of a Tim Burton film... 
Here is a close up of my new hair clips, they are so adorably spooky ^_^ excuse the terrible state of my hair, it's the aftermath of staying up late watching films then dry shampooing it to high heaven the next morning! Whoops, but seriously that stuff is great! If your feeling lazy or want to give your hair some volume, use dry shampoo!
I tried to write less on this post and show you more pictures, let me know what you think :)
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