Monday, 28 October 2013

Spooky suprises.

I entered a competition with a company that I Love. Before I tell the story, I just want to tell everybody that I have the worst luck! I never win anything.. But guess what!?
I WON! Yaay, so I won a cute Halloween lucky dip/goodie bag from the company Cheap Frills. I have followed her on Instagram for a while now, constantly 'liking' and admiring the jewels that this girl makes, yes makes! She hand makes all of her pieces, which makes them all the more unique.
So imagine my excitement when I won a whole goodie bag, full of surprises (you can buy one on the website here)..

So this is what the lucky dip bag came like, and here are the stages of me opening it up (while getting myself super excited at what I'm going to find inside!)
I Love the fact that this comes with an old school wax stamp on the parcel to seal the jewellery inside, such a cute idea. She also took the time to wrap every item individually and add some spooky Halloween confetti to the package, which really surprised me when I opened it.

AHHH HOW COOL ARE THESE!? I definitely have a new favourite necklace. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram you will know I am obsessed with anything to do with horror, gore and Halloween. I am a huge fan of the original black and white horror films and Love how they look.
Imagine my excitement when I open the parcel and she's only gone and put my favourite earrings and necklace combo inside! 
So yes these are my personal favourites on her page. Then I open a really cute bone bracelet and neon skull earrings! Awh, super cute and kawaii.
Just the way I like it.
So check out Cheap Frills and let me know what your favourite piece is?
I just want to say a big Thank you to Georgia at Cheap Frills, I will definately be back for the Wednesday Addams necklace!

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  1. Thanks so much! So kind of you to share this! Couldn't have gone to a better home... :) xx


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