Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Travel Diary - Sunny Salou Spain.

Hello! Well I got back to Sheffield on Sunday and I am on such a come down :( I am so sad to have left sunny Salou. What a beautiful place, I could easily work over there/live there.
I thought I would do a short travel diary on the fun I had whilst I was there - I will be uploading outfit images over the next few days/weeks.

Can I just start by saying how pretty Salou is, the streets are perfectly clean, the palm trees are huge and line most of the streets and the hotel I stayed at was amazing! As were all the staff and people I met in my week there. 
Of course because I am crazy cat lady I managed to even find some kitties over there that lived on the hotel grounds. Seven to be precise! Of which I took it upon myself to feed.. Eek me and my friend even bought cat food for them :( I really wanted to bring them all home with me.

Please excuse the picture of me in my playsuit/beach cover up. I was boiling hot and had no make-up on! Eek! Haha, however I had a great time and enjoyed being mega lazy hair and make-up wise.

It feels good to be able to use free internet/wifi again I am dreading getting my phone bill.. Oops! Hope you are all okay.

Happy Tuesday,

Friday, 19 September 2014

See you in a week guys - Here I come Spain!

Hey lovely's. This will be my last blog post for about a week as I am flying to Spain Sunday morning and probably  definitely going to be stressing about packing tomorrow. So I hope you guys can excuse my lack of posts. For any enquiries please E-mail me:
Trendofdays@gmail.com and I will respond to you as soon as I can. All items sent/received will be blogged as soon as I am back home :) thank you for your patience.

I wore this outfit to go get my nails done today, my hair isn't actually this blonde at the moment. It must be the light it's pretty grey! Haha.
I am going to be so confused, I have started wearing more of my AW14 wardrobe as it's been a lot colder and miserable here in the UK. Yet I have been packing summer items and will be probably roasting my pale skin of this time on Sunday!
I am so in Love with this vest top, it's definitely one of my favourites as it is so me and my sense of humour.  You won't believe that this beautiful tassel rucksack is a Primark special at only £12! I nearly bought a suede one from Topshop for £65! Ouch.
On the plus side, I can now officially wear my leather jackets and not look so strange...

Hope to hear from you all soon, wish me luck in Spain! I will talk to you all when I can and catch you all up on my lastest outfits & adventures.

Necklace: Boho Moon.
Jacket: Republic - Now USC.
Vest: Killstar clothing.
Leggings: Ark - Older.
Trainers - Nike Roshe Runs/John Lewis.
Bag: Primark.

Love from

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Let's get lost - The Hall's landing vintage jewels.

How amazing is this wall of pretty pastel graffiti that I found on my travels? 
What better place than this to blog my new amazing jewels that I received from the lovely The Halls Landing (website launching soon) although you can catch them on their social links here to browse the handmade vintage jewellery collection they have.

This bold, beautiful necklace will look great at Christmas time with a classical LBD.
Until then I thought that I would style it with my bohemian inspired vintage bell sleeve top, favourite ripped jeans and my Topshop studded cowboy boots. Of course I had to wear my trusty fedora hat to complete the look.

Oh I do Love a good statement piece of jewellery that I can style and wear over and over again...
Thank you to The Halls Landing for this beautiful treat. If you live in or near Leeds, you can visit them in the Corn Exchange.

Hat: Primark.
Necklace: The Halls Landing.
Top: Vintage.
Jeans: Customised.
Boots: Topshop.

Thank you for your lovely comments & following my blog.
Happy Tuesday,

Sunday, 14 September 2014

How to style Sammy Icon Socks - AW14.

I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful jazzy Jeff socks in the post the other day! Which is great because most of my socks are super boring. These really stand out and look great with almost any shoe. I will definitely be wearing these loads in the lead up to Autumn/Winter.
They are a really comfortable stretch cotton material and fit pretty much perfectly. As you can see from the packaging, they are nicely presented and worth the money ($11 per pair).

I am a sucker for chunky statement shoes at the moment, so what better to pair these socks with than my YRU platform trainers and my chunky cleated sandals.

If you love funky patterns and your sock draw needs livening up and bringing to life, then check out the lovely Sammy Icon.

Socks: Courtesy of Sammy Icon.
Platform trainers: YRU.
Cleated sandals: Daisy Street.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

What's in my £5 beautiful bargain handbag?!

How amazing and cute is this pastel pink clutch bag? I recently received it in the post and I just can't get enough of it. I absolutely adore the colour, I have recently bought my new winter coat and this will look perfect with it.
I love that this bag has so many separate compartments to put all of my goodies in. 
I am long overdue doing one of these posts, so thought what better chance than now to show you what's usually in my bag and show off my new cute clutch. 

Iphone: I Love my phone, sad but true. You will rarely see me without it, obviously I have to keep up to date with my Instagram feed and current trends ;).

Mac studio fix powder: The best powder out there in my opinion, it is flawless and you rarely ever have to top it up. I keep it in my bag for emergencies and for a handy little compact mirror.

Mac lipstick: This particular shade is 'Velvet Teddy' as it's my newest colour. It is a lovely natural shade. I can't go anywhere with out my lippy!

Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel's brown/black eyebrow pencil is a must have for me, it's affordable and amazing. I keep it in my bag because it has a handy little brush on the lid.

Eyeliner pen: Just incase I have a smudge during the day, I love eyeliner! This Bourjois eye pen is amazing. Makes eyeliner so easy to apply. It stays on for hours too and doesn't move usually.

Money: I usually always have a little change handy for bus fair and snacks during the day. I try to not carry much as I spend it on things super fast.. Oops!

Perfume: I always like to have perfume handy, I like to top it up during the day to stay nice and fresh. This bottle is beautiful, it is currently one of my faves 'Vera Wang - Lovestruck'.

Sunglasses: My favourite sunglasses, for cheeky blog pictures and it was actually sunny today too. Wahoo! 

Vaseline: Amazing miracle product. I keep this handy incase my lips get dry or incase I need to tame my eyebrows :).

Loyalty cards: We all have purses full of them right? I have one for pretty much every store I shop at. This is just a small selection which I took shopping with me. Cheeky Boots, Debenhams, Subway and band card on the pile.

Clutch bag - Courtesy of Just for £5.

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