Thursday, 11 September 2014

What's in my £5 beautiful bargain handbag?!

How amazing and cute is this pastel pink clutch bag? I recently received it in the post and I just can't get enough of it. I absolutely adore the colour, I have recently bought my new winter coat and this will look perfect with it.
I love that this bag has so many separate compartments to put all of my goodies in. 
I am long overdue doing one of these posts, so thought what better chance than now to show you what's usually in my bag and show off my new cute clutch. 

Iphone: I Love my phone, sad but true. You will rarely see me without it, obviously I have to keep up to date with my Instagram feed and current trends ;).

Mac studio fix powder: The best powder out there in my opinion, it is flawless and you rarely ever have to top it up. I keep it in my bag for emergencies and for a handy little compact mirror.

Mac lipstick: This particular shade is 'Velvet Teddy' as it's my newest colour. It is a lovely natural shade. I can't go anywhere with out my lippy!

Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel's brown/black eyebrow pencil is a must have for me, it's affordable and amazing. I keep it in my bag because it has a handy little brush on the lid.

Eyeliner pen: Just incase I have a smudge during the day, I love eyeliner! This Bourjois eye pen is amazing. Makes eyeliner so easy to apply. It stays on for hours too and doesn't move usually.

Money: I usually always have a little change handy for bus fair and snacks during the day. I try to not carry much as I spend it on things super fast.. Oops!

Perfume: I always like to have perfume handy, I like to top it up during the day to stay nice and fresh. This bottle is beautiful, it is currently one of my faves 'Vera Wang - Lovestruck'.

Sunglasses: My favourite sunglasses, for cheeky blog pictures and it was actually sunny today too. Wahoo! 

Vaseline: Amazing miracle product. I keep this handy incase my lips get dry or incase I need to tame my eyebrows :).

Loyalty cards: We all have purses full of them right? I have one for pretty much every store I shop at. This is just a small selection which I took shopping with me. Cheeky Boots, Debenhams, Subway and band card on the pile.

Clutch bag - Courtesy of Just for £5.


  1. lovely bag and gorgeous sunnies!

    cat // je suis cat x

  2. I can't believe that was £5, such a pretty colour xx

  3. That Bag is stunning, can't believe it was only £5 x

    Amelia |

  4. I must be the nosiest person... I am so intrigued by 'what's in my bag' posts! Anyway, I love the clutch and the look of that Vera Wang perfume (just judging it by the bottle here) I must try it!

    Technicolour Dreamer

    1. Me too :) Awh thanks that's what attracted me to this perfume :)!

  5. Beautiful shade to liven up winter looks! I love that perfume bottle - so pretty! :) xx

    Viva Epernay

  6. the bag is gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous bag!! :)

  8. You're right, that is a beautiful clutch, especially since it's for 5 pounds. I carry around pretty much the same thing haha. Definitely always money, lipstick and vaseline!

    Keep in touch!
    Jen xx

  9. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! For only 5 pounds?? Ahh lucky!
    Also love your white sunnies, perfection

  10. "...I have to keep up to date with my Instagram feed and current trends." ahahahah so funny! it feels like me who tells on this post.
    same here. i dunno what else should i do when im getting bored. i really thank to instagram founder.

    and fyi, you succeed making me really wanna that clutch! :(

  11. I love the bag an your white glasses dear!

  12. that bag is super cute. and I totally agree, I only use Mac Powder! xx

  13. Such a cute bag! Have Mac's velvet teddy in my bag as well! Love it x

  14. Lovely clutch, like the colour. I love this kind of post because I am SO nosey!

    Katrina Sophia

  15. Gorgeous bag - what a bargain!!

    I've just done a similar post, so please check it out!


  16. Your bag is gorgeous!!!!! :)

    Layla xx

  17. Loved having a nosey of what was in your bag! Thanks for letting me know :) Vera Wangs perfume smells so lovely x


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