Friday, 24 January 2014

Rihanna for River Island.

I am so excited to be blogging this sweet coat I recently bought in the sale! When I say recently it was about a month ago? Fairly recently then ;)...
Soo, I wanted this beauty when it was available for pre order on the River Island website! I never bought it because I think it was just after pay day, so sadly I missed out on it.
It is a piece from the Rihanna for River Island launch, so I knew the quality was going to be good and I knew I'd never get it out of my head until I found it.

How amazing is this!? I love tartan, the fact that it's full length and the baseball style cuffs are amazing. Making the jacket look, street/grunge inspired. The only down fall with the jacket is that it's very light weight (as in you couldn't wear it when it's really cold) but thats fine for me :)

What a beautiful piece right!? I picked it up half price! Couldn't believe it when my Mum told me she had found it, my exact words were 'Don't put it down' haha!
I wanted to style this jacket in a dressy but grunge style, kind of like Rihanna herself. So I added my favourite beanie hat and one of my favourite pairs of heels.
(Which happen to be a perfect match)

Beanie hat: Ebay.
Crop top: Primark.
Skort (shorts that look like a skirt): Ebay.
Jacket: Rihanna for River Island £60 down to £30!
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Slytherin into Winter.

"I don't intend to offend, I just offend with my intent"...

I recently ordered these leggings, they came yesterday and I am in Love! I ordered two different house pairs.. You will have to wait and see which is the other pair I purchased :) I'll give you a hint 'Not slytherin'..
Pretty much in Love with them! It's really hard finding a top to wear with them as they are so tight fitting and a lot of the detail and print is higher up the leg. I luckily have this amazing long oversized shirt that I haven't worn in ages! When I bought it, I thought it was a size 8, turns out I was reading the label wrong and it was actually a size 12! Durrrrr, I had already worn in but it worked in my favour, the sizing is great!
I am really into oversized clothing lately, I love layering and my favourite colour (not really a colour I know) is black :) such a goth...

You'll be totally suprised that I have added some colour into my wardrobe by buying these babies! I love the pattern and seen as I love the films, I finally decided to treat myself.. Oops I treat myself too often I think...

So there was recently an article floating around the internet, saying that these leggings are too young for a lot of people and that they are 'babyish'. I just want to say I think this is ridiculous! I mean if you feel good in something wear it, your never too old to dress how you Love and define your personality through the clothes and outfits you wear.
Everybody is of course entitled to their opinions, but I feel that people are too quick to judge others on their appearance.
I say fuck the haters, wear what you Love <3

Leather, nylon and a beanie hat, what a perfect combo for a cold Winters day. I eventually had to crack my scarf out of my Vivienne Westwood bag and admit defeat.. 

Hat: Ebay.
Shirt: Republic when it existed (oldie but a goodie.)
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing.
Boots: River Island.

I have recently been experimenting with my make-up, today I attempted blending gold tones with a red eye shadow used as liner. 
I am hugely into my make up and I get asked quite a lot about it, so thought I would add this to my outfit post for the day :)
My eye shadow is by Illamasqua (I would tell you the shade but it's rubbed off) the red eye shadow I used as liner is called Brick by MAC.
The lipstick is Myth, I love this lipstick but it can make you look very washed out unless you add some colour to your eyes/cheeks.

Happy Tuesday everybody :)

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Tomboy Vibes.

I Love a good laid back outfit, there's nothing better than spending a day off of work in your 'comfy' clothes. Don't get me wrong I always prefer to dress up a little more, but when you've been working all week it's great to hop into some laid back garms!

I am hugely into layering clothing lately, it adds more attitude to a casual outfit I think. So when I saw this jumper, I knew I had to have it and layer it with a bright plaid vintage grunge shirt. I never really wear plain leggings, but I feel that this jumper and shirt combo spoke for itself. 
I Love Vans but it's rare I find a pair that fits me right, I am lusting after a high top pair. Definitely on my wish list. They are great to pair with any casual comfy outfit, they are great in summer with Levis too :).
In winter when I decide to wear mine, I team them with some cute frilly ankle socks for warmth and to look a little more alternative. (I love the black and white contrast between the jumper, shoes & socks, cute cute cute!)
I haven't worn a New Era hat in years, I think my heads grown!? I swear the measurement of them used to be smaller than this one is. Haha.. ouch. I love hats, I think if I was to pick a most worn item this year it would be about 3 hats I own that I constantly put on because I am having a bad hair day! In fact I've seen a hat that says 'Bad hair day' on, I think I need to get me one of those (might help explain why I am forever wearing a hat on my days off) haha.

The whole hat backwards and skateboard reminds me of a American High school student and I love it! I am such a sucker for cute American fashion's and inspirations.
As always I am wearing my favourite MAC lipstick, which is running super low! I love the fact that this shirt and the lippy are a perfect match :).
I can't get enough of this amazing sweater/jumper from one of my favourite shops ever.. I will link them below for you all to have a look at! Amazing key pieces for your wardrobe, at affordable prices..

*Currently listening to Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push & taking advantage of the River Island 20% off offer for tonight only*

Hat: New Era.
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo.
Shirt: Vintage.
Sweater/Jumper: c/o Vulgar.
Leggings: Ark clothing.
Shoes: Vans.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January blues.

January: Cold, rainy, miserable weather and an empty purse...
That pretty much sums up how my month is going! Haha, I'm sure you are all feeling the same over here in the UK? The weather has been super cold and rubbish.
I feel like I've not blogged in forever (Because I have been super busy working full time and gyming it and asosing) arghhh mega busy and tiring :( so sorry everybody!
I am back with another blog post though, yaay.

I have been dressing super smart for work (crazy I know, but I can actually dress pretty basic when I need to) I decided to go shopping on my day off today for work shoes. I ended up spending half of my time and money in the Victorias secret store (If you haven't been in yet check out the sale it is UH maaazing) I bought so much and it was soo cheap!

(Penalty picture of my naughty cat that kept getting in the way of the camera so I gave him a good hugging, hahaha his face is hilarious)

I don't wear this cute jumper as much as I should. It's so comfy and was such a bargain. I want another one like it, I don't think I have worn this since I went to the Clothes Show!
I recently bought this skirt (looked for it for ages in the sale) then boom the one day I wasn't actually looking for it, it was there sitting in my size! (victory dance) I have one too many pvc skirts now though, got a right collection building up. I do think this one if my fave yet though :) cheeky little mini pvc number!

I am getting way lazy at the moment, on my days off I usually wear my hair down as I can't be arsed with it. I've had it dyed back a darker colour :) no matter how hard I try I forever look like a cast member of American Horror Story!

These boots are very heavy for outfits like this one, so I teamed them with some cute gingham ankle socks to add a girly touch to the outfit.
I Love the contrast of the pvc skirt and fluffy jumper, girly but edgy. Just how I like it!

Bowler hat: Topshop.
Make-up: MAC cosmetics - lipstick in shade Yash.
Necklace: Topshop sale £2.50!
Jumper: Primark.
Skirt: Topshop sale £15!
Socks: Topshop.
Boots: River Island sale £20!
I am loving the sales, I haven't found as much as I usually do. But the items I have found I looove <3

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Killer heels.

Everybody has that pair of killer heels that are some crazy ass colour that matches nothing...

I bought these amazing shoes in the sale last year, when my old work place had a huge clearance event on. I totally forgot I had them until I was attempting to tidy my room the other week (attempting) haha.. They are such a crazy colour and barely match anything! I bought them because they were so cheap and beautiful! They don't really match anything much but I wore them totally casually for my Mums Birthday meal and drinks tonight.

(Cheeky toilet snap, classy condom machine behind haha)

(My amazing food, from the Sword dancer yummm, yes I have a right appetite haha)

I rarely used to wear jeans, but at the moment I am hugely obsessed with them. Probably because I have to dress smart for work I love a good chill comfy day these days! (Don't worry I'll still be wearing my crazy outfits too) but these jeans are the one! Super comfy, think I will invest in them in black too (already have them in pink) cheeky buys.

Soo, I was feeling pretty lazy tonight, I decided to crack out these amazing heels though to make a casual outfit, that little bit dressier. Plus because the outfit was so basic, it meant I could wear my amazing statement shoes, necklace and bag. 
These heels make my legs look huuuuge, Love em!

Super sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, but I have a new full time job and have decided to join the gym. (I'm only telling my fellow readers as I have decided to stop complaining and tone my body up) It's not so much as a new years resolution as it is a life change for me.
This year is going to mean big changes for me, I am so excited for them!

Make-up: MAC cosmetics.
Necklace: Topshop.
Bodysuit: Topshop.
Belt: Moschino vintage.
Jeans: Joni @ Topshop.
Heels: Lipsy from Republic.

Hope you are all okay and enjoying yourselves.
Trend of days.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kiss Kiss

Happy new year!

Cheeky day off today! I will eventually get around to blogging more of my sale purchases and Christmas haul! Eeek.. but for now here's my outfit of the day:

Todays post is all about attention to detail, a simple pair of jeans can be easily dressed up with a logo vest, leather jacket and a pair of amazing shoes! I am really into wearing this headband again, makes me feel like pocahantas though! Haha.. Total hippie vibing. This is the first time I've worn this faux fur collar today after finding it in the sale. I absolutely love it, adds attitude to a boring jacket and makes it totally versatile. 
(I definitely have the matching bag to this collar, I posted it a few blogs ago)

I absolutely love this vest, I blogged it last year (feels so weird saying last year) it is one of my all time favourites, I love the band Kiss and when I saw Cara Delevigne rocking this I had to have it.. 

I Love those cold winter days when the sun is shining, like today.. I hope you are all having an awesome first week of the new year! 

Headband: Topshop (A looong time ago.)
Lipstick: MAC shade Yash.
Faux fur collar: River Island.
Jacket: Motel Rocks.
Vest top: Terrible Movement @ Urban Outfitters.
Jeans: Topshop (DIY rips.)
Boots: River Island.

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Thanks for the support through out 2013.. 

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