Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Slytherin into Winter.

"I don't intend to offend, I just offend with my intent"...

I recently ordered these leggings, they came yesterday and I am in Love! I ordered two different house pairs.. You will have to wait and see which is the other pair I purchased :) I'll give you a hint 'Not slytherin'..
Pretty much in Love with them! It's really hard finding a top to wear with them as they are so tight fitting and a lot of the detail and print is higher up the leg. I luckily have this amazing long oversized shirt that I haven't worn in ages! When I bought it, I thought it was a size 8, turns out I was reading the label wrong and it was actually a size 12! Durrrrr, I had already worn in but it worked in my favour, the sizing is great!
I am really into oversized clothing lately, I love layering and my favourite colour (not really a colour I know) is black :) such a goth...

You'll be totally suprised that I have added some colour into my wardrobe by buying these babies! I love the pattern and seen as I love the films, I finally decided to treat myself.. Oops I treat myself too often I think...

So there was recently an article floating around the internet, saying that these leggings are too young for a lot of people and that they are 'babyish'. I just want to say I think this is ridiculous! I mean if you feel good in something wear it, your never too old to dress how you Love and define your personality through the clothes and outfits you wear.
Everybody is of course entitled to their opinions, but I feel that people are too quick to judge others on their appearance.
I say fuck the haters, wear what you Love <3

Leather, nylon and a beanie hat, what a perfect combo for a cold Winters day. I eventually had to crack my scarf out of my Vivienne Westwood bag and admit defeat.. 

Hat: Ebay.
Shirt: Republic when it existed (oldie but a goodie.)
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing.
Boots: River Island.

I have recently been experimenting with my make-up, today I attempted blending gold tones with a red eye shadow used as liner. 
I am hugely into my make up and I get asked quite a lot about it, so thought I would add this to my outfit post for the day :)
My eye shadow is by Illamasqua (I would tell you the shade but it's rubbed off) the red eye shadow I used as liner is called Brick by MAC.
The lipstick is Myth, I love this lipstick but it can make you look very washed out unless you add some colour to your eyes/cheeks.

Happy Tuesday everybody :)

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  1. What a fun look :) Nothing like a good jacket, either! I say, wear what you want. Especially when you look this good. :D

    xo Ashley


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