Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Autumn sorted with She Inside...

Soo, todays a rubbish day i'm off ill from work and thought theres no better time than to do a great blog post on one of my favourite online stores She Inside :)!
As you all know i've been uploading pictures of Halloween/Autumn inspired outfit posts as I think it is the best time of the year to express yourself, because you can really layer outfits and experiment with different looks! So here is my most wanted collections from
I am really into the whole food as a fashion statement look this season :) I think it's such a quirky idea. If your not afraid to be different, you should totally be rockin' on of these this season! My favourite out of them all is the cupcake one (my favourite snack) mmm.. Team each of these amazing statement pieces with your favourite pair of comfy jeans and converse on those lazy cold autumn days and your good to go!
Find the entire collection of these sweaters here and make heads turn!
Graphic tees:
You can never, and I mean never have too many graphic tees, they are the perfect item to have in your wardrobe and can be worn with anything! I have made a collection of my personal favourites here, shockingly they are all black (If in doubt wear black) that is a rule I will always live by, it is the easiest colour to wear and style. 
I love that these T-shirts are oversized, for comfort and ease to wear. My ideal outfit would be one of these tops, tucked in to a pair of high waisted levi cut off shorts and knee high socks, with my favourtie pair of coltrane boots and a chunky knit and scarf :) ideal for this mixed weather (in England anyways) the weathers crazy at the moment here!
1. Coco made me do it tee found here.
2. Magic print tee found here.
3. Cross cat print tee found here.
4. Bart Simpson cross print tee here.
Personal favourites:
Now I know this ones a little mixed, I decided to do a personal favourites collage, while I was internet browsing the site (which I tend to do constantly, even on my phone on the bus) oops.. I found these four amazing pieces, I usually tend to wear a lot of black and white. But have fallen in love with these items and only one is black and white! Bonus for me.
1. The My Little Pony 'Go To Hell' tee, I have been after this top for ages but everytime I see it, is is mega overpriced and I can't justify spending that much on one T-shirt. However I came across it on the She Inside website and it's so affordable. Find this item here.
2. Paris mesh top, I love this top becasuse well its black and white, matches anything and is so unique. I've always liked mesh pieces but the writing on this is amazing too, looks just like the Nars make-up writing which makes me love it even more! Find this amazingly unique top here.
3. Pizza cute crop top, I love love love pizza yummm, one of my favourtie foods ever so this top is adorable and right up my street (back to the food statement pieces) eek. Would look mega cute with high waisted jeans or disco pants, easy to wear and such a nice colour too.
4. Donald Duck flare skirt, Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life!? Awh, I am a huge Disney fan and he's well...adorable! This skater skirt is so kawaii, would look cute with chunky tights, a chunky knit and a leather jacket. Rock it up a little I always say ;)! Love the whole cute meets grunge look. I am not a typical girls girl, but think this skirt needs to be in my life! Find it here.
I forgot to mention, when you sign up to the website you receive a 15% off coupon, even better if you sign in to Facebook through the website you receive 20% off :) what a bargain! Means you can spend more and pay less! Wahoo.
So for these amazing pieces visit the She Inside website here and go forth and treat youselves <3

Amelia (Trend Of Days)
p.s follow me on Instagram @trendofdays for more pictures and blog sneek peaks ;)

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