Friday, 13 December 2013

Clothes show live outfit.

When I booked my Clothes show Live tickets (weeks before the event) I kept telling myself not to panic about what to wear, something will turn up. I booked the week of the show off of work, in a way to make myself sort through my bedroom and pick a worthy outfit.
 I say worthy because It's a big thing! You want to look trendy, yet different and hope nobody else turns up in the same outfit! I rattled my brain for days, I had decided on the skirt, because it was alternative, quirky and I guessed (hoped) nobody else would be wearing it, as it was a limited 48hr piece on the website...

Finally! I went shopping the day before and picked up some amazing tops/jumpers and a pair of shoes I fell in Love with weeks ago but knew I needed in my life for this event.
I got home that night and tried on so many outfits, until boom! I found a winner (victory dance)...

I was after this faux fur collar for ages, but I had no money! Finally, when I got paid I went straight online and bagged one, knowing I would love it with this skirt. I absolutely Love rainbows and bright faux fur. So this was definitely a must have in my wardrobe!
I love the bold colour clash between the skirt and collar, I even bought purple glitter socks and a new MAC lipstick to match!
I didn't really want to wear a basic black top with this skirt, so I found this super cute fluffy jumper which adds just the right amount of contrast :)

I took these snaps the night before I went to Clothes show, just a bit of outfit building and styling I was doing. 
I am a sucker for anything with Unicorns on, so when this skirt was released and was a limited piece, I knew I had to be at the ready! 
I felt a little bit like a unicorn, with the fluff, rainbow colouring and giant victory roll in my hair! Haha.. oops.

Lipstick: MAC shade Strong Woman -£15.

Faux fur collar: ASOS - £25.

Chunky chain: Freedom @ Topshop - £2.50 (sale)

Fluffy jumper: Primark - £12

Unicorn skater skirt: Blackmilk clothing (Limited 48hr piece)

Glitter socks: Topshop - 3 pairs for £8 0r £3.50 each.

Cut out boots: Topshop - £38.

Hope you like what I was wearing, I got photographed by the Lovely Clothes Line. Which was amazing! But even more amazing was the fact that they picked me as a style Ambassador (another victory dance wahoo) Thanks guys!
Check out what they had to say about my outfit here.

I had a blast at The Clothes Show but picking my outfit was so stressful, here a penalty picture of how I felt the night before:

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  1. Awesome outfit
    just loved the pics
    <3 Good job


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