Monday, 9 December 2013

Clothes Show Live Haul.

As you all know, because I haven't shut up talking about it I kept mentioning it on my blog and Twitter, I was lucky enough to attend The clothes show live yesterday (Sunday)!
It was my first year at the show, I have always wanted to go but have always been working! So this year I had some time off and convinced my lovely parents to take me to The Birmingham NEC.
Now I have often heard people saying how great the stalls are, but I didn't realise just how cheap they can be, I mean not every stall has discounts but a lot of them have great offers.
I managed to nab myself some UHMAZING items, so thought I would share with you all.
So when you walk into the building, there are staff offering you a goody bag (if you have advanced tickets you will receive these ones inside the main hall free) If not the bags are £8 and you receive an official guide, including map, stall details and times of events. Alongside nail files, a wristband which gets you discounts at certain stalls and some random flyers I picked up through the day haha :)!
A lovely (amazingly dressed) girl was selling these cute tote bags and magazines, which were only £1! I was promised that if I love fashion, photography and style then this was the read for me! (She was right and I will be checking this company out constantly) 
Find their website here: Urban Coco. (Top model flyer was put in by myself when I watched the amazing catwalk models live - blog to come).
Here is a cute free tote bag I was given by a stall that my Mum bought a lovely blouse from, they do really nice delicate pieces and timesless clothing that is perfect for everyday wear find them here: Lily.J clothing.
The flyer is something I found mega cute! Two girls were taking pictures of peoples who's style they liked, for a campaign towards promoting people to give high quality clothing and accessories to the charity in aid of pets in crisis.
Find the charity website here: Blue cross.
Please do check out the campaign and sign up, helping a good cause here: The Clothes Line. (Keep an eye out for my picture which was taken, coming soon!)

My Clothes show live purchases/Bargains:
I'll start with my one beauty purchase I got, which was a Barry M goodie bag, I think it was worth something crazy like £50/£60 but they were selling them for £10! WOW, I know right, full of nail varnishes, eye makeup, lipgloss and dazzle dusts. I love their nail polish (currently typing with purple on) so this is perfect for me. I think every single girl that was their had bought one of these, why would you not!?
Thanks Barry M you babes!
One of my all time favourite brands is Freak Of Nature clothing. It is as though this entire range was taken from my mind! Haha, no seriously look how amazing it is. The bone skirt is by 'White noise' which is the sister brand to Freak Of Nature, and designed by the Lovely Vanessa.
So I came across this amazing stall which I spotted had rails full of these two brands, well that was it my purse was out and I was practically crying at the fact there were so many amazing designs I wanted! I tried to limit myself, is four pieces liming myself? Yeahh.. I recently blogged a bodysuit from the brand. Amazing fit and are really quirky and alternative looking. 
I got these from the Indigo Cult stall, which I didn't know until later were the lovely ladies who work closely with Freak Of Nature.

Sorry about the rubbish picture :( it's the only one I can find which does not do this dress justice! Bargain of the day goes to this little piece which cost me a whole £3! Faux leather shift dress which I plan on layering heavily this winter :) I got it really big so I could fit items underneath. The dress is by the brand 'Miss Posh'.

I have been after these leggings for a long time, so when I found out that Abandon Ship Apparel, were going to be at Clothes show live, I was adamant on getting these beauties to add to my legging collection. They were being sold for £20 (usual price on the website is £30) which was a nice little saving. I got to have my picture taken with some of the guys and they were really lovely.
How can you not love these leggings... I love cats.. too much.. ehm..

So there you have it, I would definitely recommend going to Clothes show! Great people, great vibes and amazing stalls. I will be doing more blogs on the clothes show, so keep posted :)
Until next time, Trendofdays x  

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