Monday, 10 March 2014

The edge of glory.

Just a quick little post from me tonight ..

So I went out the other weekend (If you know me you'll know this is a big deal) Haha I don't actually go out that much I'm either too busy, lazy or forever have no money! Maybe I spend too much money on clothes  pfft scrap that!
I have been dying to wear my mini PVC skirt with bare legs, this is definitely something you can only get away with at night time.. maybe.. pfft who am I kidding I'll probably crack out the PVC mini in summer with a band top and converse.

I recently ordered this bodysuit offline in two different colours, I waited for ages for my sizes to come in stock and when they did, I thought I would just risk the size in both colours. I'm glad I did, such a bargain and they fit amazing.

Super sorry, really poop quality pictures as I decided to take them before I was due to meet my friend, who's house I was already late going to... but she'll totally understand.
I definitely cropped out a huge bag of my clothes I have to sell, I need more wardrobe space *mini cries*
So watch out for more of my clothing going on my ASOS Marketplace Boutique here!

Choker necklace: Etsy (Lost keys.)
Bag: Holographic mermaid bag £18 River Island.
Bodysuit: Boohoo £8 (Hello bargain, available in different colours, I bought myself dark red too, yumm)
Belt: Original vintage Moschino.
PVC skirt: Topshop sale £20.
Socks: Topshop 3 for £8.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lita in distressed red (Bought from Office shoes) 

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  1. Super cool pics :)
    Nice Outfit too


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