Friday, 4 April 2014


Hi guys, yes I am still alive... (barely) I have been off of work and in bed for days, pretty much sleeping my life away, how grim I know! So I thought I would crawl to my laptop and sit in bed and make a collage as I am that bored and going slightly stir crazy.... Oh and did I mention missing blogging!

Most wanted...

1. Beverly Hills sweater - No yet released, this is Primark's SS14 collection. I absolutely Love Primark, they have such reasonable priced pieces.

2. Mac lipsticks - I am a huge MAC whore. My lipstick collection is kind of ridiculous, but you know what they say, a girl can never have too many... I am wanting to add some newbies to my collection.

3. UNIF Salem boots - wow! I know right, I even love the name. I love this company so much, but everytime I order I worry about import charges. It bumps the price up and upsets my purse :( totally not UNIF'S fault, Please get a headoffice in the UK/EU <3

4. UNIF - pastel leather jacket, I love you! Come to me! I always wanted the Boneyard Moto jacket which sold out everywhere. How sad am I :( if anybody is ever selling one holla at me! This one will do nicely though, yum!
(Loving that UNIF isn't so popular where I live, win!)

5. Givenchy - new season baby pink bag - yeah dream on Amelia! 

6. Rock N Rose - boho cute rings, I am loving that store lately and these rings are to die for!

7. Lamoda - these are definate Spice girl wanna be shoes. I am loving this store lately, they have their shoe game on point.

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  1. Hey I noticed you mentioned you wanted the Boneyard Moto jacket, do a really good copy here for stupidly cheap. I have one myself, it's actually really nice quality considering the price xx


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